Virtual Reality: the Next Frontier?

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Virtual Reality is taking the world by storm, it has been widely deemed as the next big thing, and will surely have a big year in 2016.  From the NBA to Universal Music, the virtual reality offerings are coming from all sides of entertainment.  And while VR porn is already turning heads, skeptics are still questioning whether or not VR will live up to the hype.


With Oculus Rift, Sony Playstation, and HTC each hitting the market with new VR headsets this year, the VR market should grow significantly in the coming months.  The Samsung Gear VR already has a jump on the market, and was expected to have a big holiday season with LaBron James on the promotion wagon. 

Michael Rundle from Wired Magazine may have been one of those skeptics who did not fully believe in the VR promise.  But, based on a recent blog post – that all seemed to change after he brought Samsung Gear VR home for Christmas.  After sharing the experience with his family (mother, father, sister, brother), he discovered the social aspect of VR.  While many think that putting on a VR headset can be isolating, watching and sharing the experience with others is actually engaging, entertaining and surprising social – and that is how virtual reality will succeed.

So for all of you in the VR world – keep this in mind as you develop new VR experiences.  Your ability to connect people is what will make this VR thing a real game changer. 

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  1. Agree 100% The whole idea of VR is that it’s an interactive platform 🙂 And it’s coming in a big way!

  2. It’s really exciting that porn industry adapted virtual reality to their porn movies. Now, watching VR porn is so realistic and its a bang! I read an article ( where it tackles the advantages of using VR to watch porn movies.

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