Future SexTech: #1 Virtual and Augmented Reality

February 23, 2017
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Future SexTech: The Five New Technologies That Will Change Sex Forever. #1 Virtual and Augmented Reality

While we don’t have food pills (who’d want that, anyway?) or jetpacks (at least not for a few years) we really are living in a time of unprecedented technological change.

And the best tech is yet to come… and even better it’s sexy tech!

One of the more far-reaching and powerful of these upcoming innovations got, to be blunt, a less than wowie reception when it first appeared. Mostly this was, back in the 90s, because the dreams of the VR developers were a lot bigger than the available hardware.

Fortunately, a lot of those literal headaches early users experienced are pretty much gone. So we are looking at a Virtual Reality explosion in the very near future.

Without getting too technical – because, frankly, it’s really not that complicated – virtual reality is using miniature, eye-mounted monitors coupled with motion sensors to give the wearer the illusion of being submerged in a brand new, artificial environment. One people can explore and interact with very much like they can in our so-called ‘real’ world.

The big change with VR has come with the arrival of our new favorite sex toy: the smartphone. After all, it has everything that VR had always been lacking. In the palm of your hand you’ve got your high-res screen, your motion sensors, stereo output, and even wifi and cell reception.

Google saw this and lead the charge with… cardboard. True, there were bigger and better VR rigs – such as the famous Oculus Rift – but one rule of tech development is that it’s usually spurred not by the best equipment but the cheapest, the popular. Google began a little experimental program called, imaginatively, Google Cardboard: a VR head rig made out of… well, you know. It’s not perfect but it did kick start a huge VR software and hardware boom.

Okay, let’s get to sex. After all, that’s what we’re here for, right?

Well, hang onto your favorite body part because VR is gonna change everything. It is, after all, all about creating a whole universe to explore… and one other important thing about tech innovation is that sex sells.

Like watching adult films? Of course you do… we all do. But with VR you can have the illusion of actually being there. Okay, you may not be able to touch anything – or be touched – but give teledildonics and such a few more years to get up to speed. In the meantime you’ll have a personal POV of the action without any real world distractions. Turn around, look behind you. Look under the bed if you want (we’re not here to judge). You’ll be able to do all of that and more. Always wanted to see your favorite adult entertainer from all angles? With VR you’ll be able to experience a complete three-dimensional illusion of reality. In fact, to a limited extent, you already can.

But why stop there? Reality is so… 21st century. Sure, you can scan a real scene and transfer it to virtual – and you know that there will be millions of people doing just that – but one of the strong suits of virtual reality is that it’s infinitely flexible. We already have high-resolution games, so why not use that software to create interactive erotic worlds to explore where the only limit is your desire?

Walk the streets of an alien red light district, chat with the characters, or do more that just chat with the characters… if you get my drift. Visit an authentic Victorian bordello. Travel to a Furry wonderland full of, let’s say ‘frisky’, anthropomorphic playmates. Whatever you can imagine can exist in VR.

Future SexTech: The Five New Technologies That Will Change Sex Forever. #1 Virtual and Augmented Reality

A few intrepid entrepreneurs have made some tiny steps towards this direction already – but you can bet that, once VR becomes really good and really affordable that both the amount and quality of these kinds of sites is gonna explode… in a good and moist way.

But there’s more. A kissing-kin to virtual reality is augmented reality. Sadly the early experiments with AR were less than stellar, mostly due to the clunky headgear. But, like with VR, once the last few bugs get worked out, augmented reality is going to be bring the unhinged erotic imagination of virtual reality into a whole new world… ours.

See, while virtual reality is all about total submersion in an artificial world, augmented reality is about adding digital info to what’s already out there. It works similarly to VR gear except that instead of goggles the wearer has an eyeglasses rig that delivers a low-power computer image either onto a tiny transparent screen or, in some prototypes, directly into the eye.

Google, again, has made some huge strides with their Google Glass, but better stuff is on the way soon. castAR, for instance, and the pricey META spaceglasses… to name just two.

So what could you do with AR? Well, while you can enjoy that simulation of your favorite adult star in virtual reality, in augmented reality they could actually be there, on your bed: superimposed over your existing space. Again, you wouldn’t be able to touch them but the illusion could be about perfect otherwise.

Not only that but you could plaster not just your home but the entire world with whatever images you desire, even wildly sexy ones. Tired of looking at ads on buses and billboards? Wearing AR glasses (or even contact lenses) you could replace them, or everything else, with anything else. The sky could become an adult entertainment wonderland, animated erotic figures could saunter down the sidewalk with you, your lover could appear right in front of you in nothing but a smile – a little gift only you could see. Titillating erotic images could become part of day-to-day reality, replacing all the really boring stuff. A company called Pink Visual played with this a bit, though using smartphone tech.

But if all this talk of fantasy isn’t your thing, keep in mind that augmented reality is also about receiving and sharing information. This means that you could be sitting in a club, spot someone incredibly sexy and instantly know – via shared icons, text messages, or whatever – that they like to do it while (hot damn!) wearing Lederhosen.

It will leave a lot of guesswork out of dating, that’s for sure.

Hell, there’s no reason you wouldn’t couple AR glasses with temperature and other remote sensors. There you and your date are, having gone from first to second base – rounding home – and, via those sensors and more, you’ll instantly know what to do and when… and then whoopee!

There have even been some first steps merging augmented reality with robotics for (ahem) fun. Different Dimension in Japan has created a prototype that uses AR to give a lifelike appearance to a human-shaped articulated form. Just give a few more years… a few more years… a few more years…

Now, none of this new tech – augmented reality and virtual reality and the other sexual innovations we’ll be talking about in the next few weeks – will ever replace down and dirty and wonderfully squishy sex.

But like our smartphones, streaming videos, e-books, telecommuting and so much more, all of these changes will soon be part of our lives in ways we can only dream, and what’s great about all them is that those dreams won’t just be wild ones but wet ones as well.

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