Tech Review: Apple iPhone 6

November 12, 2014
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Tech Review: Apple iPhone 6

Yep, Apple has finally got it together. To the Apple haters out there, Maestro Jonny Ive and his elite team out of Cupertino may indeed have taken eight previous goes at it, but permanence is not what they’re about. If you’re a naysayer, Apple’s designers are fair game. But it’s very hard to find many faults beyond its camera not being the very best at such a price. Oh, and it’s pretty expensive.

The whole #bendgate debacle aside, the Apple iPhone 6 is that handsome, practical tool you longed for with its perfect screen 4.7in (12cm) size. Additionally, the iOS 8 software adds key functionality. Additionally NFC technology allied with TouchID offers up an awesome number of possibilities for those who want to simplify both giving and receiving billing, shopping, delivery. A little more complicated and time-consuming are the other grand benefits you can get out according to the time you put in so that you know how to use them properly, like  ‘greening’ your home, audio that lets you monitor security and babysitting on video from wherever you are, put together a health and fitness regimen and, really, literally, hundreds of other functions.

The iPhone 6’s screen quality is definitely of a superior quality in both brightness and color. The battery life is definitely significantly longer than that of the iPhone 5S. Slimmer and comfortable to grip, it’s the best of its kind since the old round-edged Nokia’s Lumia 800. Comfortable to grip and easy to handle because it’s rounded everywhere. No sharp edges at all. The most impressive thing, besides the thinness, is how beautifully the curved screen rolls over its edges. The task of swiping from the left edge to the right, or vice versa, especially for Apple Mail, makes you feel like a magician. Comparatives-wise, I urge you to attempt doing that with the new Moto G, Samsung Galaxy Alpha or LG G3. Forget them! Apple are energy-wise, already well into the second generation of 64-bit processors although RAM amounts are the same. Battery life is preserved way beyond rivals.


Atypically, save money and buy the Moto G. It’s cheap and, in a few cases, offers good specs, but it’s made of some kind of dense corrugated paper. Built to last? Fugedaboudid!! The Galaxy Alpha? Same old sausages, as we say back in Madchester. You like that chrome-plated 80s look? It may actually be thinner than the iPhone 6, but look at the polyp-like inverted nipples that are for the camera, headphone jack, and  micro-USB port on the back. And get used to the power button they moved to the right edge and the general width of the lovely thing that was by public request! Is it called design in Seoul when you simply move stuff elsewhere?

The camera is improved, especially the exposure meter and time-lapsed exposures. The iPhone 6 camera is a definite improvement on the 5S. The sensors are now far larger, but the general lack of megapixel power will prevent photo junkies from purchasing perhaps, but it’s the only detriment I can think of to a an almost perfect product.

Finally, with ApplePay, which I’ve already written about, Apple may have pulled the rug out from up and under all their rivals worldwide. Their NFC-driven payment mechanism is included in both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. What’s cool about this new payment system is that it won’t be storing your credit card details online or in the iCloud. It is, it seems, a masterpiece of security.


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