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Technological evolution is all about innovation. New ideas, new discoveries and new breakthroughs drive humanity to new horizons, changing ourselves in the process. Our close relationship with the constantly shifting sands of technological innovation means that as our technology evolves, so too does our culture. We need look no further than the impact that the Internet has had on modern society, bringing what were once distant, disparate entities together into an interconnected social network that spans the globe, to see how just one innovation has irrevocably changed the world forever. is itself no stranger to technological innovation, leading the field in certain areas of mobile device content delivery and exclusive software that allows users to download content safely to their devices or even stream content from one device to another. Media innovation in a media-driven culture is just one more example of how technology and society interlace.

But there’s a lot more out there; 3D printing technology capable of reproducing not just mechanical components but also human body parts; advances in climate change and energy technology that might just save the planet; scientific breakthroughs that combat, and maybe one day even defeat, illness.

And is here to report on it all, to tell our readers how the world is evolving today and to prepare them for what is to come tomorrow.


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