Tech: Electronic Bug & Camera Detectors

December 6, 2013
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RF SVSH-055DV High-Frequency Bug & Wireless Camera Detector

Personal security is not usually what most of us think about all the time. Most of us are not wealthy, but the fact is that it’s not just your government that is watching you. Consider the fact that between 52 and 76 percent of people who get married get separated and, ultimately, divorced. In roughly half of these separations there are ‘issues’ caused by conflict over both money matters and what we can politely refer to as… issues of temperance. According to the Globe & Mail, at some point in your life as a ‘middle-class’ person, you are likely to be spied on by your boss, your family, your work colleagues, your lover, your lover’s parents, criminals or your government at some point in your life. Why make it easy? The biggest recent boom has been in signal detectors. Getting one for yourself doesn’t seem necessary until you read the brutal facts. The number of bugging devices sold in North America has reached at least 4,000,000, research by Crain’s shows. Paranoia rules, perhaps, but the fact is that, without any professional training, you can easily detect hidden wireless spy cameras and miniature bugs in your house, office, bathroom or anywhere else you deem necessary.

About the same size as a pack of cards this wireless signal detector is mostly just a matter of point-and-shoot. This new mini RF bug detector can detect analog or digital devices using radio frequencies from 50Mhz to 6Ghz. With it, at the push of another switch, you can protect your privacy and confidential conversations from hidden bugs transmitting radio frequency waves as low as 50Mhz up to 6Ghz because of its miniature high frequency RF bug detector. There’s also a digital amplifier for improved signal detection of Bluetooth, WLAN, Wi-FI, cellular phone and digital spread spectrum wireless devices.

The RF signal detector has a sensitivity tuner, 3 LED’s and three detection modes alert you when you are getting closer to a device emitting RF waves.  With dimensions of 33/8”(h)x21/8”(w)x1”(l) and weight of approximately 70 grams, it is a compact small lightweight device.

Created by former SAS Intelligence experts, this device’s inventors have strived for a stripped-down, anonymous, no frills corporate persona in their product and strives to keep their relationship with their consumers personal and private. Personal service is awesome, and, bang-for-your-buck wise, whether you purchase from a reputable Spy Store or a mega retailer like Best Buy, part of your US$99.95 fee goes toward a trained specialist teaching you how to use it.

Sound Mode: The LED’s will light from LEVEL 1 to LEVEL 2 to LEVEL 3 and a beeping sound will gradually become more rapid to indicate you are getting closer to any kind of hidden RF device.

Silent Mode: You can turn the beeping sound off or leave it on. Depends whether you don’t want anyone to know you are using an RF bug detector.  When in the silent mode the 3 LED’s will light and the RF signal detector will vibrate.

Earpiece Mode:  You can also use the bug detector with the supplied earpiece. If a spy device is detected in silent mode the device will vibrate, the LED lights will illuminate and the beeping sound can be heard in the earpiece, and, while in sound mode the device’s LED lights will illuminate and the beeping sound heard through the earpiece.

Virtually any hidden wireless camera can be found with the RF bug detector with its multi-channel scanning and advanced sensitivity tuner features and it can also detect VHF, UHF & FM band waves. Indeed, it can scan for anything that sends out a wireless signal. Wireless devices are often planted in automobiles. If they’re transmitting from your car, it will find them. Still you need to be sure that you disconnect your car’s battery temporarily so that you can also locate other RF sources before sweeping the car.

The detector also includes 2 AAA batteries, a battery belt clip and an earpiece along with the RF detector. There are both audible and LED alarms and a warning device for when the battery is draining. Available on Amazon, at Best buy and various Spy stores everywhere, it should run at a maximum price of US$99.94.

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