Smart Toilet Seat Eliminates Odors As You Sit

September 5, 2014
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They say some of the best ideas come while sitting on the toilet.

While I’m not 100% sure that was the case this time, I would say it’s very likely.

Adam Payz, an inventor from Tennessee, came up with a smart odor-eliminating toilet seat that promises to rid your bathroom of unpleasant smells, and you of potential embarrassing public moments.

The toilet seat, called Fresh Air Plus, comes with a built-in fan that rapidly removes odors through a hose and fills your bathroom with a perfectly fresh scent.

Smart Toilet Seat Eliminates Odors As You Sit

Unlike other fan-based systems, that allow some of the smell to spread through the bathroom and suck out heated and cooled air, the Fresh Air Plus comes with a sensor that triggers the fan as soon as the user sits down. The air is then filtered from the toilet bowl through a hose and to the outdoors, before any of the unpleasant odors can escape out to the bathroom.

The product is currently seeking funding through a Kickstarter campaign, with a set goal of $80,000, in order to get the necessary money to pay for startup manufacturing and distribution costs.

There’s a lot of emphasis on the embarrassment around others, which sort of suggests Payz may have been mocked heavily by those who had the misfortune of visiting the bathroom right after he did. I mean, at the very least, it must have been a memorably intense dump that managed to inspire the idea.

You might be thinking air fresheners are a simple solution that can do the job without having to install some intricate apparatus on and by your toilet, but Payz dismisses that notion: “Air fresheners are just a mask for odors, and often make what you’ve done in the restroom even more obvious.”

Fresh Air Install v1 from Nick McIntyre on Vimeo.

Because, clearly, there’s nothing obvious about a spacey-looking arm coming out of your toilet seat with fancy color lights and a hose stuck to it. I’m sure no one would ever notice such a thing, nor the fact that your undeniably smelly problem would necessitate a gadget like this for your everyday life.

Sarcasm aside, I find the “anti-slam lid” to be an underrated feature of the Fresh Air Plus. I’ve accidentally slammed many toilet seats after peeing in the middle of night that I’ve wished could have been dropped a bit more gently.

They also have a helpful installation guide video, although if you don’t have an outdoor-facing wall, things might get a bit trickier.

The early bird pledges to secure your very own Fresh Air Plus start at $180, and the estimated date for delivery is March 2015.

Hopefully, the Fresh Air Plus can become your number one option to get rid of your number two consequences.

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