Gadget Detects If Drinks Are Roofied

August 30, 2014
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According to statistics provided by the U.S. Bureau of Investigations, an average of 89,000 rapes are reported annually in the United States, although an alarming 60% of rapes go unreported, and an even more baffling 95% of college rapes are never reported.

Date rape drugs are highly popular among college campus douchebags, as their effects prevent their victims from being able to defend themselves or properly recall the events or their attacker the next day.

In an effort to try to avoid these horrible events, a group of Canadian designers has developed a miniature reusable electronic device that can determine if a drink has been spiked.

The (personal drink identification device) is the size of a lighter, and it’s based on technology utilized by the DEA and other drug enforcement entities, then re-engineered and designed to be user-friendly and affordable.

When dipped into a drink for a few seconds, the collects a tiny sample of the liquid in its reservoir, and performs three different tests to identify the drink and its components: light, current and temperature. A LED light will then indicate if your drink has been drugged or not.

Gadget Detects If Drinks Are Roofied

The device is consecutively re-usable and it functions with a Li-ion battery. It can be used up to 40 times before the battery needs to be recharged.

While this is not the first roofie detector on the market, it’s likely the most advanced by far. The also has an extremely cool feature: its possible tandem use with your smartphone. Through its own app, the can access an extensive database of drink profiles, identify the specific drug and alert you with a text or call. Their team will also keep constantly updating their database with new drugs.

In the promotional video for, inventor and founder David Wilson said, “Our intention is to build a better mousetrap. Something that is easy to use and affordable. Something that can empower and ensure men and women of all ages against sexual assault by way of date-rape drugs.”

The has been tested and it’s ready to go, but it’s still on its funding stages. Through their Indiegogo campaign they’re trying to raise $50,000. That would enable them to market it within six months at a cost of $75 per item.

Granted, a lot of college-aged girls — the main target of date rape attacks — might not want to spend 75 bucks on a date rape prevention device, but wouldn’t this be an awesome time for some progressive parenting? In spite of the awkwardness generated by those first few minutes after the gift, this would not be a terrible present parents could give their college-bound daughters. If you ask me, $75 and a couple of uncomfortable minutes are a small price to pay to prevent an unfortunate post-party incident.

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