CES2015 Gadgets: Penclic Bluetooth Mouse B3

January 22, 2015
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CES2015 Gadgets: Penclic Bluetooth Mouse B3

A mouse is a mouse is a mouse, right? The Apple Mouse in my house is the same ol’ same ol’ thing it’s been for a decade. Time for a change? Well, worth a try. Unlike most everything else in electronics, computer mice seem to have been hardly developed or much refined over the same period. But what do I see, all sleek and handsome at CES? The high-sheen, irresistible Penclic Mouse is here.

Penclic takes the computer mouse to the next level. Penclic combines innovative Swedish design and cutting edge technology for a new, positive user experience. The Penclic Mouse enables the extension of our bodily movements and helps harness the natural power and dexterity in our fingers and hands. This helps create a healthy, natural working position that’s easy on the spine. Endless clicking and unnecessary cursor movements may become a thing of the past. Penclic‘s innovative pen grip counteracts health problems like Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), obtained from using a traditional computer mouse.


In its Bluetooth mouse version, the Penclic B3 doesn’t use a wired connection to your Mac or PC. Great for your laptop, and extra convenient as it keeps the mouse from occupying a precious USB port. Good for tablets, where there are few models with USB ports. The mouse works off a triple-A battery. You can connect it via a changing cable to a rechargeable battery and a USB for a fast charge. The end result is a stylish, ergonomic and highly practical mouse that can be utilized by all kinds of professionals, or everyday users in all environments.

Toying around with it is fun. The Penclic Mouse fits comfortably in your hand, looking, feeling and moving like an extremely light pen. The cursor glides as your silky pen-grip provides its user with noticeably stress-free movement hither and thither. Let me get the cliché out of the way: It’s intuitive. The Penclic Mouse is so intuitive that it almost feels like a sci-fi mouse itself, brainwashing you into tossing away the Apple Mouse you’ve had ever since Steve Jobs walked the earth. Penclic Mouse will allow your work to show precision while your forearm and elbow are actually allowed to rest on pretty much any chosen workspace. Simple to swiftly move around, both in front of and at the side of the monitor.

Penclic Mouse comes in in two models. One has 5 buttons and a scroll wheel suitable for right-handed users, the other one suited for both left and right-handed users with a scroll wheel on the pen shaft and 3 buttons. The two models come in both wireless and coded versions, another one with a dongle and Bluetooth. That Bluetooth connectivity works with pretty much every kind of operating system and device.

CES2015 Gadgets: Penclic Bluetooth Mouse B3

The Penclic B3 is designed to be simple. The base functions like a simple mouse, with an optical sensor on the bottom. On the top, however, instead of the usual right and left mouse buttons on the base, there is a pen-shaped handle attached with a ball-in-socket joint, with the buttons and scroll wheel placed on the mouse, right where you would grip it for comfortable use. While a glance at the Penclic design might lead the casual observer to think that the mouse is controlled by the motion of the pen, it’s the base that moves, with the pen providing a comfortable grip. Weighing a mere 1.45 ounces, and measures 1.8 by 0.8 inches, with the pen standing 5.5 inches tall, the base can be moved around easily.

The mouse is gripped exactly like a pen. There’s a right mouse button under where your thumb tip sits. The left mouse button sits underneath the index finger, and there’s a clever, clickable scroll wheel in between. All of it comes together to create a simple, satisfying user experience.

The mouse owns an optical sensor with 1,600dpi sensitivity. You can also select a lower setting on the DPI selector switch fixed under the base. Also on the underside of the base is a Bluetooth pairing button and the On/Off switch. All of this means that pairing the device will not be difficult. Just turn on the Penclic B3, press the ‘Connect’ button on the base and find the device among available Bluetooth devices on your PC or Mac. Once it’s paired, the mouse will work, and shouldn’t require any further software installation. The Penclic B3 will work on any device that supports Bluetooth mice.

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