8 Gadgets You Don’t Need But Probably Want

November 20, 2013
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In this day and age when the line between needs and wants are blurry, it’s easy to imagine that you absolutely need that snazzy gadget that will for sure make your life easier. Do not fear. We at BaDoink are here to help. Very highly evolved we are, and not at all bothered by awesome, materialistic things. Here we’ve lined up some awesome gadgets that under no circumstance will you need (but will probably want). We’re here to say, don’t buy it.

Solar Paneled Drink Cooler

With this multi purpose cooler (pictured at the top of this page in glorious Technicolor – well, color anyway), not only will you be able to keep your drinks cool on the beach, you will also be able to charge your phone, laptop or other electronic devices using the solar panel cover! Perfect for when you think you’re having too much fun, relaxing on the beach and need to work more!

Why you don’t need it: Get of your laptop and enjoy the beach danggit!

Telekinetic Armband

Telekinetic Armband

Sometimes don’t you just wish you could do things with just the power of your mind? Well, with this gesture control armband, you’re one step closer to that dream (if your dreams are electronic things of course). Use special gestures and control the TV, volume, laptop etc.

Why you don’t need it: Just take the 3 steps you need and do it yourself you lazy sod!

Zombie Survival Crate

Zombie survival kit

Ok, so technically not a gadget but come on! It’s a zombie survival kit! No more words necessary.

Why you don’t need it: Ok, so this is a toughie because well…. zombies. Also probably self-explanatory as to why you don’t need it.

Bluetooth Phone Handset Glove

Bluetooth glove

Next time you make the talking on the phone gesture with your hand, you could actually be talking on the phone! With a tiny earpiece on the thumb and a microphone on the pinkie finger of this glove, you can actually use this handset as the real thing.

Why you don’t need it: You’ll look like a crazy person!

Hot Tub Boat

Hot tub boat

When I get into a body of water, my first thought is, “I wish I were in a boat that was filled with water. So that I can float around in this lake, inside a boat with warm water inside!” This purchase will solve it all for me.

Why you don’t need it: Just get in the real water!

Underwater Headphones

Underwater headphones

In my swimming days I always regretted not being able to listen to music underwater. All I could hear was the crappy sound of nothing. I wish we had this back then. It would have made swimming so much groovier!

Why you don’t need it: You probably won’t be able to hear much with all that splashing around.

Barbeque Dining Boat

BBQ dining boat

To be honest, this is pretty great. I mean, a BBQ on a small floating structure on a lake. What could possibly go wrong?

Why you don’t need it: Seriously? You don’t! Get a normal BBQ and you can have more friends over to enjoy it, and not the 5 you can fit on this thing.

Magic Wand TV Remote

magic wand

I am a huge Harry Potter fan and this almost made me cream my pants. Just flick the wand around and it changes the channel for you, controls the volume, stops, forwards and more. And not just on your television, on any electronic device that works through a remote!

Why you don’t need it: Get up and do it yourself! You need the exercise!

I’m going to be completely honest with you. You don’t need any of this, but you can be sure they’re on my list of things to buy because come on…. they’re awesome! Will you be buying any of the above?

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