3 Gadgets You’re Going To Want This Year

January 12, 2015
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The beginning of the year always brings about promises to be better than last year, perhaps spend less time playing video/computer games, perhaps exercise more, eat healthy, be more present. Whatever it is for you, I’m pretty sure somewhere in there is also a promise to spend less money on tech (just me then?). Either way, whether you spend too much money or too little money on tech, here are some gadgets that you’re probably gonna wanna get this year on account of their awesomeness or just plain quirkiness.


3 Gadgets You’re Going To Want This Year

After blowing up on their Kickstarter campaign and many delays in their release date, the Ring is finally here. This truly is the one Ring to rule them all… if ‘all’ meant tech devices and such. With the Ring you will be able to send text messages, change your music on your device, access your camera, and much more all with the flick of your finger. Seriously this is seriously serious business. Going for $269.99 it isn’t exactly pocket change but imagine the possibilities. Just point and gesture at devices to control them. Taking selfies will no longer require you to set the timer, just point and viola! CLICK! And it also looks pretty cool too!


3 Gadgets You’re Going To Want This Year

3Perhaps you have a writer in your just begging to get out, perhaps you get distracted a lot if you write on your laptop (Hello Internet! It’s cool; we’ve all been there). Perhaps you’re past being a hipster but have come to terms with your need to write on a good ol’ typewriter but still want the comforts of auto save. Whatever it is, Hemmingwrite is probably the answer. They’ve already surpassed their goal in their Kickstarter campaign with less than 2 weeks left to go. The Hemmingwrite is shaped like a kinda old timey writing device where you’re only able to write on one document at a time (crazy!) BUT offers the modern conveniences of syncing to the cloud, a digital display so you have to worry about carrying around a bunch of paper or ‘white-out’ when you make a mistake and a long battery life (4+ weeks). Hemminwrite is a first draft device though, and so you can’t edit your writing on the device but can do so on your laptop or desktop using your editor of choice be it Evernote, Google Docs or Microsoft Word. They do this to ‘force’ you to keep writing and ‘get it all out’ and also because in the old timey devices you couldn’t edit or cut and paste your documents either. Lucky for us, after the first draft, we have our magical tech devices that allow us to edit easily. Hemmingwrite is supposed to ship this year and according to their Kickstarter page it’s going for $499.


3 Gadgets You’re Going To Want This Year
Ladies and gentlemen we have reached peak selfie with this device. All right, yeah, I couldn’t resist. It’s just too good to be left out of this list. After all, the Selfie trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down, in fact it has evolved to include the butt selfie aka #belfie. Of course there’s gonna be a special device for it! After all, a belfie has to be perfect, we’re dealing with sensitive material here. Brought to you by the website On – website purely for selfies, the Belfie stick is now available for pre-order.

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