Even 007 Never Had it so Good

November 5, 2013
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In these strange and interesting times, when science fiction is today’s run of the mill daily news, and where the somewhat unbelievable gadgets of government agents and super spies have become corner store commodities for any kid with enough spare change to purchase them, it’s more compelling than ever to be in the know.

In order to keep on the offensive and be able to meet modern demands for both business and pleasure and to keep on the defensive against private and commercial invasions, it is wise to be able to make informed decisions about opting out of or investing in the latest and greatest innovations being offered.

There are so many tempting items, from tiny surveillance systems that can be hidden anywhere, sold in airline magazines, to pens with built in cameras and recording devices… There’s definitely a draw to the notion of being closer by degrees to James Bond!

In my searches for what’s new and necessary, I stumbled upon a site with an item that was both informative and compelling: The Secrid wallet.

Apparently, there are new types of cards being given out (including new credit cards, which fall into either RFID or NFC categories. These cards have “a chip and an antenna for wireless communication.”

While there must be benefits associated with this, it also ups the risk factor as far as security is concerned.  The Secrid wallet site explains that those cards “can be activated, selected and copied from up to 30 meters away, without you noticing a thing.” Good information to have in my opinion.

Besides being a firewall, the wallet itself is pretty streamlined and snazzy! If you use a wallet, why not use one that will impress and intrigue while at the same time perform with ultimate functionality?

As far as gadgets go, this seems like a winner to me. You can find the basic card protector here.

It’ll cost you forty dollars. You’ll also find a variety of spy paraphernalia to investigate.

Disappearing ink, hidden wall safes, HD video camera spy pens… It’s all fun and games until someone gets a hold of the contents of you wallet.

Begin the James Bond theme song now…

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