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You don’t have to be James Bond to love a good gadget. In fact, you don’t even need to be Inspector Gadget to love a good gadget! We get it. Maybe you think gadgets aren’t your thing... Maybe you think gadgets are the province only of geekdom… If that’s the case, you better chuck your iPod; chuck your microwave and your blender; chuck your phone and your Xbox; chuck your memory sticks and your TV remote – hell, chuck your TV – because all of those thing… yes, that’s right, they’re gadgets. Without gadgets, all you’d have at home would be wooden furniture.

Gadgets are the essence of what technology is about when it comes to making life easier and more enjoyable for human beings. And different gadgets benefit different people in different ways. Maybe you need something that plays music throughout your entire house, room by room, or maybe you need something to help you sample different sounds to make your own music. Maybe you’re a surgeon who needs a device to keep a heart beating or an athlete who needs a device to measure heart rate… technology provides. aims to bring you all the latest news and reviews from the wizardly universe of gadgetry… just in case you actually are an international spy and action hero in need of a watch that doubles as a fold out helicopter.


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