Spyware: Web Watcher #420 Mobile for Android Smartphones

November 20, 2013
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You may not like the practical side of yourself. You know, the one that has you spy on your kids and employees. Jealous love aside, my kids simply live on their phones and time is money. This allows me to monitor aforesaid time and money squandering, so that I can, literally, present my son with a bill of proof. The same goes with the folks who work for you. Could it be that they should actually be working when they’re texting and playing games? Store all of this stuff because relevant chunks of it can also be advantageous to your taxman when you file.

The webwatcher appThis brilliant product is a cheap solution to your problems if you need to monitor texts, phone calls, SMS texts and photographs as they occur or later. Cooler yet, the software installs in minutes and all such phone activity can be monitored and saved from your desktop. GPS locations are a snap. And for those of you who are a bit slow technically there is free 24/7 help from the manufacturer via live chat if you have questions.

Do you need to track an Android cellphone? WebWatcher Mobile is the best phone tracking software out there. Simply install the hidden Android app on the phone you want to monitor, and it will save detailed reports outlining all the information you could possibly want. After installation, just log in from any computer to see the reports. No exaggeration. No bullshit! It’s that easy! This cellphone spy app is very simple and easy to understand. It only took dim old me just under a minute to install this on a phone over a 3G connection. Again, if you have any questions, 24/7 free tech support is provided by the developer!

WebWatcher Mobile runs completely silent on the phone and well hidden from its user. It doesn’t show up in the Android Market or in the Main App listing. It saves any text messages the user creates and all pictures taken with the camera as they occur – e.g., the phone numbers and the time they were sent – and also lets you track the cellphone down by sending the GPS location with a map showing you where it is.

This is a great way to monitor usage of Android phone. You can keep an eye on the texts and phone calls your kids are making. Be certain your employees are using their business phones for personal use. Back up info from various phones in one convenient place. Plus there’s a phone tracking function that allows lost, mislaid or stolen phones to be located.

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