Pikinis: The Creepy App Helping You Find Bikini Pics on Facebook

July 31, 2014
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I’m in a very small minority of people who actually don’t use Facebook. A lot of people ask me why. It’s a personal preference; it has nothing to do with isolating myself from the world or the Internet, but with avoiding more distractions in my life. One of those distractions, I’m sure, would include looking at pictures of my female friends and acquaintances, especially during these summer days when beach holiday destinations are very popular.

While I enjoy bikini pictures as much as any heterosexual dude, there’s something about browsing through a bunch of selfies, group photos, food images and pet pictures that feels like it would be not only majorly time consuming, but pretty damn creepy.

Well, for those of you who can overcome this easily, there is some pretty good news on the time consuming part! The creepiness factor, I’m afraid, sort of grows exponentially.

Pikinis: The Creepy App Helping You Find Bikini Pics on Facebook

You see, a new app called Pikinis can now filter out all those pesky clothed pictures and allow you to go straight to the action.

You just need to select the Facebook friends whose Pikinis (pictures in bikinis, that is) you’d like to see. The app takes care of the selection and gives you only those photos with enough skin to show. You can just browse through those results and enjoy some well-deserved extra time now!

The app also lets you “pineapple” the Pikinis you like so you can access them later. In this case, the “pineapple” feature means it bookmarks a specific photo, in case you want to… erm… watch closely later. Perhaps with some complementary lotion?

Pikinis managing director Ted Kramer told Bro Bible: “Pikinis is a fun and safe place for guys and gals to interact around their shared love of the summer. We all love hanging out at the beach or by the pool, meeting new people, and showing off our hot swimsuit photos. Pikinis enables us collectively to share that experience.”

“I realized a lot of people express frustration about all the photos on Facebook and how difficult it is to find the ones you really want to see. The idea came about because it’s a problem many people seem to have, men and women.”

Meanwhile at the coffee shop…. from Pikinis on Vimeo.

While this might be true, Pikinis is mostly targeting college frat guys, because who are we kidding here!

It’s important to note that while the app is advertised with a guy looking at smoking hot girls in bikinis, it doesn’t have a filter for what you might find. That might include some unwanted grandmother pictures on a family vacation, or even worse, children enjoying some time under the sun.

While I find it a bit sad, there’s no denying the app’s practicality or its potential popularity. If this product bothers you, changing your privacy settings might be in order. Otherwise, have a nice indoor summer… and don’t let the lack of sunlight prevent you from creeping on your friends.

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