New Game App Lets You Squirt Over UK Legislators

December 17, 2014
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New Game App Lets You Squirt Over UK Legislators

British legislators have made lots of porn headlines lately, by banning face-sitting, spanking, bondage, female ejaculation and other awesome and fun sexual acts off their pornography. Protesters have made their voices heard consistently in the last couple of weeks, including a memorable face-sitting demonstration in front of the British Parliament.

While these protests have been fairly active in the U.K., it hasn’t gone unnoticed in the United States and some people have enthusiastically joined the growing #PornProtest movement.

Adult app store giant Mikandi has developed an app called Squirt Alert! Save Female Ejaculation, a video game in which the player (from the POV of an ejaculating woman) gets to squirt all over British legislators.

“It’s a very simple game: Try to squirt on as many opponents as possible in a short period of time,” Mikandi co-founder Jennifer McEwen told XBIZ. “At the end she says, in an English accent, ‘Take that! Female ejaculation for the win!’”

Mikandi developed this game in just two days, after hearing about the new laws. And while Squirt Alert is fairly simple and its graphics are not meant to set the gaming community on fire, they’re definitely getting their point across — along with a lot of ejaculate, all over angry parliamentary faces.

McEwen condemned all the new British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) porn rules, but was especially disapproving of the female ejaculation ban. “We, like many others, quickly noted the hypocrisy of the BBFC’s new anti-femdom porn rules, in particular to female ejaculation,” McEwen said. “It’s ridiculous that female performers are prohibited from cumming on their co-stars’ bodies, while male performers aren’t subject to the same restrictions. Then we recalled the adage, ‘Obscenity is whatever gives the judge an erection.’ Either BBFC members haven’t openly embraced their kink and are punishing everyone else, or they don’t know what they’re missing out on.”

According to an interview on Vice, the BBFC’s main issue with female ejaculation is that they can’t really tell the difference between squirt and urine, so naturally the solution was to ban them all; because that’s what an advanced society does, right?

Well, for all you fellow squirt enthusiasts, here’s your chance to get some (virtual) payback, one porn-hater at a time. Maybe it’ll be cathartic; and perhaps it’ll inspire you to come up with your own app that tackles a different banned activity. Who knows?

In the meantime, Squirt Alert is available for free download on any Android device.

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  1. As the organiser of this protest it’s been amazing to have all the public support in person and online and to continue your support please join us at the next 3 protests. Please follow me on Twitter @_charlie_rose for more details and share this app!!!!

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