Manage Your On-the-Go Business With PocketSuite

September 26, 2014
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Good news stylists, make-up artists, photographers, dog walkers, plumbers and other freelancers! If you’ve been having a little trouble managing your on-the-go business well then… there is a solution for you. With PocketSuite you can now easily schedule payments, secure payment and communicate with clients. Think of it like Uber, except for your freelance business.

Co-founded by Yang Forjindam and Sam Madden, this app was built with the goal of helping self-employed people run their business smoothly. It integrates with Yelp and Thumbtack and uses iPhone’s calendar to make sure that your appointments are up-to-date and accurate. All appointments are also confirmed with a credit card – probably one of it’s more outstanding features – making sure not only that it’s more convenient for customers but also that the service provider gets paid in a timely manner. PocketSuite also provides a widget that freelancers can put on their website, ensuring an easy way to book clients.

Manage Your On-the-Go Business With PocketSuite

While you can download PocketSuite for free from the Apple Store, according to their FAQ page, they do, “charge a payment processing fee of 2.99% to cover our costs.” Not too bad a deal if it’s going to allow you to take bookings straight from your Facebook page – which is pretty neat if you ask me.

On the client front, it’s also better for them to use PocketSuite as it allows for simple one click payment, easy scheduling and if one needs to remember some details of the meeting, PocketSuite tracks that for you too.

I’m not sure if the app allows for leaving reviews, but if so, then what better way to drum up more business than to build a good reputation. PocketSuite currently have around 1500 businesses using their app and are slowly building up user engagement as people are booking more and more business through it. Seems to me that if one is serious about their on-the-go business then this is a great app to have to make sure you get all your appointments and get paid on time.

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