Live Video Trendy Again Thanks to Meerkat?

March 17, 2015
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Live Video Trendy Again Thanks to Meerkat?

Live video became quite a ‘thing’ when it first came out but has slowly died down (and perhaps even out) after the initial buzz. However new iOS app Meerkat is looking to change that. It’s the first live video app that works with your Twitter account to launch in the market – and Twitter is loving it!

The mechanics of it is simple. Log into your Twitter account and choose to either ‘Stream’ or ‘Schedule’. If you choose to schedule, then pick a time and add a photo and you’re off. When you are streaming, the app sends out a tweet, “|LIVE NOW| #meerkat” along with a link to the stream to all your followers; simple and not overthought. Which is probably why it is blowing up.

In its first week alone it acquired over 28,000 users and the numbers are slowly growing. The most interesting thing of course is, seeing that the app works with Twitter and live streams, how long before all the sexy home video makers hear of it and utilize it?

Not too long I’m sure. This will be a great way for users such as the popular @MiawMiawSW to raise their engagement with their followers. This could be really great news for those in the adult entertainment industry as a way either to promote their movies, showing a little behind the scenes, or just engage with their audience in a more intimate and authentic way.

As founder Ben Rubin says when asked why the app has taken off so quickly, “Spontaneous togetherness. It sounds horrible. It sounds like the most cliché, cheesy thing ever. But that’s what it is!”

You can download Meerkat at the App Store to test it out yourself. For now it’s only available for iOS. Enjoy!

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