App Review: Mighty Text for Android

March 5, 2014
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I’ve never been one for multi-tasking. As such, I’m definitely not one for chitchatting on the phone or text messaging while I’m writing. If you’re anything like me, you’re tied to a desk and a computer most of the workday. I tend to check my phone at lunch and get other business done after my writing chores are done. But now that I’ve been introduced to Mighty Text for Android, it’s a brave new world. Now I can get in touch more or less instantaneously with some of my favored freelance customers and still manage to keep everything centered round a single screen. I can send SMS and MMS messages without any distractions.

Mighty Text for Android is a new app that allows you to send and receive text from your PC’s Web browser or the Mighty Text Web page. Even better, it’s very simple to install and use. Downloading the Android app to your phone is simple. Once it’s installed, follow instructions on how to load it up. Thus, on the first screen you’ll see a ‘Complete Setup’ box. Tap on that and you’ll link up the service with your Google/Gmail account (this is how the app will communicate with your desktop browser). Don’t have a Google account? Get one.

Your next job is to navigate your computer browser to the Mighty Text Chrome extension page.

Click the + button and then click Add when you see the pop-up. Your brand-new Mighty Text extension icon will show itself on the right side of your browser address bar. Click on that to load up the Mighty Text Web page, and sign in with your Google/Gmail account for your introduction. Everything ought to be completely in synch and good to go!

Ready to send a text message? Click the Mighty Text Chrome extension button, or else call up and select a contact, which should already have been wirelessly synced off your phone contact list. Type up your brilliant, witty message or attach a picture. You can even do both simultaneously. Mighty Text will then send the message to your phone like any other regular text message.

When your phone receives text messages, a notification pop-up will appear on the right side of your computer’s Web browser. Then you’ll see a Reply button. Click it and there will appear a drop-down window showing the chat text. From this window, you can reply with text or attach a picture.

The MightyText platform, according to Crain’s Chicago Business is on pace to route about six billion texts annually. So, what MightyText has created thus far is the plumbing and wiring for a personal data sharing platform which can then open up an API for any other apps that want to communicate to the desktop or send data and documents to a user’s other devices. They plan on bringing in professional features soon, such as scheduling texts, managing multiple phones, a B2B play for enterprises, especially as BlackBerry moves out of the enterprise and companies need to manage 50 or 50,000 devices centrally. Building a platform for personal sharing has been part of the plan all along. They are also currently building a Gmail plugin that will let you text right from your Gmail account.

The Mighty Text service is also configured to send text messages from Android tablets. All you’ll have to do is install the tablet version of Mighty Text from the Play Store on your Android device and sign in the same way with your same Google/Gmail account. There’s no substitute for a Google/Google-Chrome account, either. There’s only P.C. at the present time and no sign of anything on the horizon for Mac and iPhone, as of yet. This may well prove to be Mighty Text’s Achilles heel. I can’t help but think that they’re cutting off their own handsome noses to spite their faces. Pretty cool bit of newbie otherwise!

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