5 productive must have Apps You Need on Your Phone

November 12, 2013
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Nowadays take a peek into anyone’s smartphone and it’s bound to be filled with all kinds of apps that do nothing but waste time. We want you to be better than that. We want you to be productive and do something with your life instead of spending it on your phone. Instead we want you to spend your time on your phone being productive!

So here are some apps you should have on your phone in order to use your phone and not have your phone use you!

lets hang out

I have Evernote. Everyone I know has Evernote. We all seem to use it differently and we all love it. But ask us to pinpoint why, and I wouldn’t know how to put it to words. With this free app you can save notes, voice memos, pictures, links and then sync it all together. Sounds normal and meh, but once you figure out how you use it you’ll never want another app. It’s great for staying organized, starting new projects, tracking ideas and much, much more!

If you want to post photos on your Instagram, Facebook, or any other social platform to show off your fabulous life, you could at least make it look good. With PhotoToaster you can take a pretty meh photo with bad lighting and touch it up pretty good! I love it!

Google reader may be gone, but thanks to Reeder (creative name eh?) you can still save your articles for reading later, sync and browse your feeds easily. It’s clean and easy to use.

Google Hangout
I know, Skype is still the king of VOIP but now with Google Hangout, it’s even easier to multi chat with friends and family. Plus almost everyone already has a Google account, so it makes it easier.

A jacked up, super calendar! Easy to use, colorful and even keeps track of your Facebook events (my favorite).

With these awesome apps, you can have a great balance between being productive and having a social life! Got any apps that you can add to this list?

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