5 Great Apps to Heat Up Your Sex Life

February 20, 2014
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It was only a matter of time before technology was used to heat up your sex life. Now that your mobile phone can do almost anything with a touch of a button, why not also assist in the sexy time department. You read about Sex with Glass now read about 5 apps that will heat up your sex life:

Sexy Vibes

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Now, I got pretty excited when I heard that these were available as an app. Granted, no mere phone vibrator can replace a real vibrator (not enough power), but this is a great app to use to tease and play. Not sure of the condition of your phone after, but hey! It’s a fun app to try. Only available in Google Play.

Cosmo’s Sex position of the day

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I scoffed at this app until I tried it. It’s actually quite useful. Especially if you’ve been with the same person for a while and have gotten into some sex position habits because you know each other so well. It was really fun to be able to try out some new positions that we can now add to our sexy time.

Play with me

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A simple game to play with your other half. It looks like a slot machine that tells you to either ‘slap’ or ‘kiss’ or more along those lines, coupled with a picture of a body part. Can get hot or just lukewarm. Either way, it will definitely be fun.

Dirty Game – Hot Truth or Dare

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I like this game! Not that I needed an app for my Truth or Dare games to get dirty, it always just heads towards that direction naturally. However this game was fun to play, especially if you’re in a naughty play party. Playing this will heat things up real quick!

A Sexy Text

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A little new to talking dirty? Well, this app will help you. Just pick if you want to say something sexy or romantic and off you go! I mean, it was still a little tame, so perhaps best used on new couples.

If only Apple had slightly less strict laws about adult apps in their store, I’m sure the app store would be overflowing with more sexy apps. As it is, adult apps get the cut every once in a while and as such, some of these apps might not be in the market in the future. So better get them now while they’re still up. And of course, be safe and enjoy!

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