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If you’ve got a smartphone, you’ve got apps. If you think apps are a waste of time, then do the world a favor and give your smartphone to someone who really needs it. Apps are the technological equivalent of Manga in that there are apps for everyone. Just like the Japanese comic book art form covers all ages and genders, all interests and genres, you can find apps for kids, for adults, for men and for women; there are apps for professionals in all industries and apps specifically geared towards leisure and play.

Whether your interests lie in tracking your fitness regime or dietary requirements or whether they lie firmly in navigating annoyed avian creatures through obstacles in the air or irritating the hell out of your friends with the extent of your vocabulary skills, you know that there’s an app out there just for you. Think we’re overstating? Then find out how many people you know whose relationships started thanks to a dating app.

At we love apps. We love the fact that there are apps for everything. That’s why our writers aim to provide our readers with all the best news and reviews of all the latest apps coming onto the market, testing them out firsthand – even at the risk of bad date – so that you can decide which apps fit your lifestyle the best.


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