Ansjer Electronics at #CES2015

January 9, 2015
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Ansjer Electronics at #CES2015

It’s amazing how video cameras are simply getting smaller and smaller.  It opens up a million worlds to those who own the imagination. One of the anonymous little ladies of the night I’ll be talking about for a while accompanied me in my cruise around the South section of the CES show.  Many of the stall renters look to be small entrepreneurs, often designers, engineers and salesman all rolled into one. The young lady at my side–I’ll call her Vinh–is either thinking of producing her own porn or blackmailing her customers. I can’t say for sure because she’s sort of evasive.

Anyway, we hit the Ansjer Electronics booth and they have unbelievably low-priced product. Cameras of all kinds, many as small as your pinkie fingernail, and that look absolutely solid and have a ballpark price as low as $25. Everything from close circuitry for home-safety to a rear-view reverse-and-park mirror, outdoor security, business and personal war camera, all made with mega-pixel camera.

“Coming soon,” says Mr. Adu Ho, “Personal police camera.”

He shows me photographs of a guy in military regalia with a teeny-tiny camera fixed to his helmet, to his bullet-proof vest, shoe laces, and, even more cool, attached to a heavy-duty flashlight.

Vinh is very excited. Whatever ethnic Chinese she’s trying to use ultimately gets through because he suddenly wants to know what kind of magazine I’m working for.  The idea that it’s “like Playboy” is clearly some kind of catnip for him.

“Girl wants to make film.” I nod. He puts his tiny hands on his hips and does that infamous worldwide imitation shagging motion. I nod.

“Women have much power in America!”

“Not happening in Guangdong, hung?” I say.

Vinh has long, long nails with all kinds of decals and patterns in them. This fascinates Mr. Ho. He wants to know how she manages to cook and clean. Vinh tells him she pays someone to do it for her.

“Not your wife,” says Mr. Ho.

“No. Not my wife.”

Joking aside, Mr. Adu Ho has a great product to sell and is looking for retailers and distributors in the United States and Europe.

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