10 Technology Devices That Changed The World

March 5, 2014
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Some inventions are just so important, that without it our lives would not be the same. These inventions either helped light the spark that will help others evolve and create other inventions or stand on their own as something that helped humanity so much it changed the world:

world changing technology

1) Radio

What started out as a safe way for ships to communicate with each other paved the way for much of our modern conveniences including all forms of wireless networking from cell phones to Wifi.

2) VCR

Yeah it’s obsolete now but when the VCR first came out it completely revolutionized the relationship people had with their television sets. For the first time they could watch TV when it was convenient to them and not the other way around.

world changing technology

3) Personal Computers

It used to be that computers were behemoths housed in huge labs and cost more than your soul. Now we’re got ones that fit on your palm and allow you to be assholes to strangers on the internet.

4) Google Glass

Technically, it hasn’t yet changed the world, but thanks to Glass, we’re one step closer to being robots.

5) Roomba

Ok, maybe it didn’t change the world but it changed my life. And the lives of cats worldwide that realized they never had to walk again, just ride atop the Roomba.

world changing technology

6) Television

Paving the way for TV shows such as Jerry Springer and Toddlers and Tiaras and the word Couch Potato.

world changing technology

7) iPhone and iPad

Sure there were smartphones before the iPhone came along, and there are better phones out there in the market now (depends on who you speak to) but the iPhone was sexy, sleek and had iTunes which changed the way the world listened to music. It took everything to the next level. Plus it created a whole slew of App Developers.

8) Kindle

Everyone swore it would never work, that people liked real books. But Amazon’s Kindle changed all that and revolutionized the publishing industry and how people would publish their work.

9) Batteries

Oh the humble battery, that little device that without it, you wouldn’t be able to work your mobile phone, laptop, portable razor, vibrator, etc.

10) Digital Camera

Now you don’t have to be an actual photographer to be able to take photos. Nor would anyone have to spend any money to see if their photos are any good.

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