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There can be no denying that technology is inextricably linked to modern culture. It permeates our lives at work, at home and in between. Every time you switch on your laptop, stream a movie or play a game, every time you pick up your smartphone to download an app, to listen to music or to access the Internet and your social media feeds, or just read the day’s news from, you are engaging with technology. It is, at the same time, both private and intimate and yet expansive and inclusive, celebrating the individual yet placing that individual in the context of a community.

Technology at its best brings us together, connecting people across continents, and makes life both easier and more interesting, with constant innovations continually changing the way we approach and interact with the everyday aspects of living, like professions, travel, entertainment… everything!

At, we believe in the power of technology to shape the present and the future, which is why we like to provide all the latest news and reviews of what’s coming out of the world of tech – the gadgets, the innovations, the apps, the movers and shakers and the businesses behind them – so that our readers have everything they need to know to ride the wave of today into tomorrow.


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