The Master Beta Kit: Turn On, Tune In, Freak Out

April 23, 2015
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The Master Beta Kit: Turn On, Tune In, Freak Out

The mad geniuses over at Orgasmatronics Inc. have done it again. The crowd funding campaign for their new SexTech hacking tool – the Master Beta Kit – has smashed its projected target of $5,000 in less than two weeks. But what exactly is it?

The Master Beta Kit is pure SexTech: a device that allows you the opportunity not to just plug in and play, but adapt and evolve pre-existing products as per your whim. Expert, intermediate or beginner, the Master Beta Kit is non-discriminatory. We caught up with Orgasmatronics Inc. to get the low down on the latest exciting invention in the SexTech frontier.

What led to the creation of the Master Beta Kit? Was it something of a ‘eureka moment’ or is it the culmination of different efforts/projects?

I taught an introduction to Arduino class using our already existing “HackOff” board, and learned from that what the pains points were. The Master Beta Kit is in response to that, making the things that were a little frustrating much easier like adding spring clips to easily connect wires. It’s also based on my years of needing to quickly prototype sex toy projects and finding that I was wasting time solving the same simple hardware problems over and over (mostly connecting wires in a way that doesn’t make a giant mess).

You state that the MBK will provide a “no-experience-needed, no-soldering-needed, easy introduction” for users. How have you achieved this given the technology in these instances can be fairly advanced? Was this down to research or was it a matter of stripping the tech down to its most essential components?

Well, honestly Arduino already did 90% of the work! The Arduino UNO is already a revolutionary product in that it lets a user get started with hardware with no soldering or really any hardware tasks at all. As it stands, though, it’s not prepared to power motors with high current and has no inputs like knobs or buttons. There are lots of kits already out there which make getting started with robotics and similar topics very hassle free. What we’ve done is just made sex toys one of the things you can start with without hassle.

You are excited about the MBK’s potential to be used outside of the realm of sex toys? Where would its most relevant and applicable use lie within ‘mainstream’ tech? Have you been approached by individuals or companies who want to adapt the MBK for other purposes?

Well, yes and no. The MBK is not a sex toy or tech tool so much as an educational tool. It’s designed to make getting started with electronics hardware so irresistibly sexy that way more people want to try it. Once they’ve taken the plunge, they will find hundreds of other kits and projects out there which are suddenly accessible based on already knowing the very basics. The largest barrier to entry to electronics at this point in technology history is just starting that first project; the second and third are WAY easier. My guess is people will end up using it for class projects in college, art projects, robotics projects, but really the goal is education, and lowering the bar to entry into the field. We’re making STEM sexy! The actual core technology is basically trivial: just some very basic components, which we tell the user how to replicate themselves if they want. This is typical of open hardware: there is nothing new per se, it’s just put together in a way that makes it easy. If someone wants to use our circuits for something unrelated they’re welcome to copy and use any part of the circuits.

There is a basic tutorial video on the campaign page and we’ll be adding advance tutorial for connecting the X2 Orgasmatron to the Master Beta Kit and more.

 Assuming the MBK is indeed a success, what’s the next step for Orgasmatronics?

More development on our core products. We have a ton of added features and improvements that are in the works for both the Orgasmatron system and the Ambrosia, like a larger and thicker Ambrosia Vibe dildo.

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