The Kit.E Cat Vibrator: SexTech With A Twist From PussyMeHow

April 1, 2015
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The Kit.E: SexTech With A Twist From PussyMeHow

If you’re a regular reader of BaDoink, you’ll be in no doubt that the SexTech revolution has well and truly kicked off. Incredible advancements in teledildonics and haptic devices are changing the way many of us are approaching sex in the 21st Century, thanks to industry innovators such as Fleshlight, Comingle and Kiiroo, to name just a few. Kiiroo, in fact, in conjunction with Fleshlight, have recently made advancements that allow couples to use sex toys remotely via a video chat platform, meaning that physical distance is now no longer a block on intimate closeness, potentially helping many couples to survive the difficulty of being apart for significant amounts of time.

The fact of the matter is, there is more to SexTech than just the sex and the tech… it’s all about the wider context.

It is this philosophy, of SexTech serving a higher purpose, which lies behind the design of the debut product of a brand new SexTech start up called PussyMeHow. Currently being tested in its beta version, the Kit.E is a small, compact vibrator, similar in function to any other, except for one crucial difference: the Kit.E is not for humans. The device has in fact been specifically designed to satisfy female cats in heat.

The Kit.E: SexTech With A Twist From PussyMeHow

If you’re anything like me, you’ll be reeling at the implications of that idea, but Michael Brook, founder of PussyMeHow and inventor and designer of the Kit.E, is confident that once people understand the motivation behind the creation of the device, they will begin to see not just the logic behind the invention but also the inherent kindness.

“I don’t know if you’ve ever had a cat,” he tells us, “but if you did, and that cat was a girl, then you’ll know just how much they suffer when they’re in heat and there’s no way for them to sate that need. It can last for weeks, with your cat wailing and crying and scraping itself against the floor, the door, and presenting itself to you at the slightest contact.”

There are surgical procedures, I point out. “But that’s just it,” Brook exclaims animatedly. “That’s just… barbaric! Seriously, you make the commitment to own and care for and love an animal, but if it does something you find awkward or irritating, you cut it? You alter its biological nature? You wouldn’t do that to your children. I can’t understand why you’d do it to an animal. It’s arrogant and it’s cruel!”

But doesn’t using a vibrator on a cat also kind of go against nature. “I suppose some might see it that way, but think about how we as humans use sex toys. They don’t seem that unnatural, not any more, and they can help us, when we’re feeling lonely. It’s an act of self-love. Why shouldn’t that expression of love be extended to a beloved pet, especially if it alleviates her suffering?

The Kit.E: SexTech With A Twist From PussyMeHow

“In the end,” Brook continues, “it’s for the cat; it’s not something that’s going to turn you on as an owner – at least I’d hope not. It’d be like changing a baby’s nappy. A bit nasty to start with it, but eventually just a necessary part of being responsible for another being.”

I wonder if a cat would allow it, if an animal could possibly be comfortable with such a clearly inorganic object buzzing away behind it. I’ve seen how cats react to vacuum cleaners on the Internet. Brook laughs. “Yes,” he agrees, “we did wonder about that, but, in all seriousness, when a cat’s in heat, there’s almost nothing she won’t look at as a potential mate. Still, to help things along, using pretty much the same sort of mechanism used in e-cigarettes, the Kit.E gives off small quantities of tomcat pheromones, which you can purchase in small vials and which go into a small compartment set into the side of the device. As the compartment heats up, the pheromone is released as a vapor and attracts the attention of the female… It’s proved pretty successful so far,” he adds with a smile.

Brook is confident that the PussyMeHow Kit.E go into full production by the end of the year and is considering a crowdfunding campaign to help him finance the project and produce a more streamlined version than the current beta model. Personally, after talking with Brook, I do see the merit in his invention. However, the larger public perception is another matter entirely – or perhaps that should be the larger public purr-ception (sorry, that was irresistible). Either way, we – and no doubt half of all cat-kind – wish him and his team all the luck in the world.

The Kit.E: SexTech With A Twist From PussyMeHow
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