Sex Toy Review – Hot Octopuss Pulse II

May 1, 2015
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Sex Toy Review - Hot Octopuss Pulse II

I was very excited when my editor told me I’d be reviewing the new Hot Octopuss Pulse II. Last year I covered the first Pulse model and loved it, so I was definitely intrigued about what Hot Octopuss would have in store for their upgraded version.

Hot Octopuss is a British company that launched about a year and half ago with their original Pulse — also known as “The Guybrator” — and immediately became a fan favorite in the expanding male sex toy market.

Just like with their first model, the Pulse II’s shape is kind of a shell, taco-like silicone device, with soft side wings that surround but don’t enclose your penis, while also being open at the top. This allows for any size or shape to fit the toy without any problem.

The big thing that separates the Pulse from other toys is that its PulsePlate (the trademarked oscillating button in the middle) uses high-amplitude oscillations rather than low-amplitude vibrations. While oscillators have been around in the medical field for over a decade, they’re fairly new within the world of sex toys. If you’re uncomfortable and/or annoyed with the technical terms, allow me a simpler explanation: When you insert your penis in the toy, turn it on and let it vibrate while pressing that PulsePlate against your frenulum (you know, that spot right under and behind the head of your dick), the world is a little more beautiful.

A great advantage you get with all Pulse models over most male sex toys is the fact that you don’t need an erection to use it. A flaccid penis can reap the benefits of the oscillating goodness just as much — plus, it’s fun to get hard because of the vibration. This is especially useful for men with erectile dysfunction, as they can just slide in while flaccid and enjoy the action without any type of pressure.

On your own, you can use the Pulse in two main ways: with lube and a classic male masturbation motion; or just letting it rest against your frenulum in static stimulation. My advice is to try both, depending on what your needs are at that moment. The static version, though, can lead to a significantly more intense orgasm, given that you’re not controlling the build up.

But let’s get to the new features. First of all, a huge improvement is that the Pulse II is 100% waterproof, allowing your imagination to attempt more of those things it was thinking of doing but still wouldn’t, fearing it might damage the toy. From now on, wetter is better.

Another new feature of the Pulse II is a mode button, that allows the user to choose between 5 different vibration modes, as opposed to the only one that the original model had. These pulsate in different rhythms and intensities, so you can play around with them and figure out what works better for you in the moment.

The new Pulse II also comes in two variations: SOLO and DUO, creating different experiences for dudes on their own, or those wanting to share the Pulse with their ladies.

Armed with the line “Worn by him, enjoyed by both” (side note: How did no condom company use that as a slogan in all these years?), the Pulse II DUO addresses the couple play problems the original Pulse had.

Sex Toy Review - Hot Octopuss Pulse II

The only frustrating issue I had with the first model was that when using it with a woman, the vibration coming from the plate inside the toy barely made it to the other side — where her clitoris could be rubbed against. Also, when factoring movement and lubrication, it was too unstable to keep steady clit stimulation. So you basically had to position it very tightly between you two, and try to limit yourselves to intense and slightly restrictive short movements.

The Pulse II DUO includes a separate, independently controlled motor that creates oscillations in the bottom of the toy, in order to provide a much more direct clit stimulation. The area that it covers is also wider, making it less problematic when you move a little more.

Another great thing about the DUO is that it comes with a small remote control (it just has one button and three different intensities) that controls the couples’ stimulation area.

To try these new features I invited a fuck buddy to test it with me — by the way, rationalizing this to someone else as “work” is one of the greatest things about this gig. Position-wise, it’s still a bit limited. We found that it works a lot better during cowgirl, though, as it keeps it in place and allows her to control the speed. Also, when she leaned forward, the oscillators pressed harder against each of us, making it much more intense.

The remote control was a lot of fun. The idea is for the girl to be able to have total command of her own intensity, and we started that way, but it was also cool when she surrendered that control and I was able to play with the intensity and tease her. It definitely created some very interesting foreplay times. Perhaps a few more intensity variations on that one would be a thing to go for in the next model.

One thing I’ve always loved about the Pulse is that it doesn’t try to replicate a vagina or an asshole; the Pulse is its own experience. You get the option of lubing up and just jerking off with it, but the real advantage of this toy is the PulsePlate. Putting that thing right on your frenulum will always feel fantastic.

In the case of the Pulse II DUO, the feeling is mutual. The added vibration while you’re making out, groping and feeling the touch of someone else, makes for a very intense experience. So much so, that when we were ready for a second time, we actually went for oral sex as foreplay, and left the Pulse II DUO grind as the main course.

Overall, it’s an excellent sex toy; both solo and in couple play.

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