Review: The Big Turn On

June 25, 2015
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Review: The Big Turn On

“People have been using technology to enhance sex for millennia…”

That’s the opening line from The Big Turn On’s presenter Natalie Mortimer and the positive introduction is a good omen for The Drum’s thorough, informative and ultimately pleasurable documentary on the world and industry of SexTech.

To say that The Drum are pro-SexTech is something of an understatement. The first few minutes of the docu find Mortimer comparing the rise of SexTech to the invention and distribution of the female contraceptive pill and note that – thanks to SexTech – “people can make their wildest fantasies totally all-consuming.”

Thanks to the keen eye of director and producer Sam Scott, the biggest and brightest proponents of the SexTech Class of 2015 are represented in The Big Turn On. We have Alex Legret – Art Director at Kiiroo – demonstrating one of their many excellent products. If one of the aims of The Big Turn On is to dispel the same tired old myths of the sex biz – i.e. run by sleaze sharks, underground, seedy blah blah blah – then a few minutes with the affable Alex as he demonstrates the Onyx and Pearl to an evidently surprised and impressed Natalie will do much in that regard.

We hear too from Cindy Gallop of MakeLoveNotPorn and a helluva lot more besides. She regales the viewer not only with a view from inside the SexTech city walls but the difficulties faced by SexTech companies when dealing with the stiff-collared mainstream companies. “My team fight a battle every single day” she tells us, but Cindy being the person she is, there is water if God wills it. Things WILL get done.

The beauty of The Big Turn On also lies in its objectivity and ability to see both sides of the argument. The film raises questions – via its talking heads – about the potential moral and legal pitfalls that the sharing of sexual and other personal data could invoke. It also touches on the question of whether or not humanity and its sexuality could fall into the trap of over-sharing and harboring an over-reliance on tech. I mean, did you even consider the practicalities of whether or not adultery in the Age of SexTech is a thing to worry about? Perhaps not, but this is why we have organizations like The Drum – and people like Sam Scott – to fill in the blanks for us.

… but why not judge for yourself? The full film – after it’s premier at Cannes last night – is available in full online and is below. Enjoy and remember… viva SexTech!

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