Introducing the Gnarly Rider, A Sex Toy that Floats in the Pool

June 10, 2015
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Introducing the Gnarly Rider, A Sex Toy that Floats in the Pool

As the summer arrives, for many of us, the fantasy of simply floating in a pool without a single worry in the world sounds like the ultimate self-indulging daydream. After all, when you break sensations down to their most straightforward form, you just can’t beat simple pleasures.

That being said, you sure as hell can enhance them.

At BaDoink, we’re fans of any device that combines multiple gratifications into a bigger one. So when we heard about the Gnarly Rider, the world’s first pool float sex toy, we had to know more.

Entrepreneur Ronda Sue has struggled with sexual arousal her whole life, and finding a good orgasm-inducing method has been a problem for a long time. Sometimes it takes a certain state of relaxation to get off properly, one that is not easily obtained in normal circumstances. So one day, while floating on a pool noodle, the idea came to her: What if there was a waterproof vibrator between her and her noodle?

And so the Gnarly Rider was born.

According to her website, “sexual stimulation may be more pleasurable while floating, because more endorphin molecules are released into the brain. This elated feeling can last up to twelve hours for some people, putting flotation up there with the most pleasurable experiences a person can have. Research indicates that floating may increase the secretion on endorphins, while at the same time reducing stress-related neurochemicals: Adrenaline, ACTH, Cortisol and others.”

“I started Gnarly, with a mission to invent a unique line of sexually stimulating adult pool tools after discovering the Floating Orgasm.” Ronda Sue said on her Indiegogo campaign. “I wanted to develop a product, which provided a truly unique sexual experience, otherwise unavailable by conventional means, in order to assist women in achieving (multiple) orgasm(s) on a physical, spiritual and emotional, level.”

Of course, the Gnarly Rider is not limited to women. Anyone who enjoys vibration — and let’s face it, we all do if we allow ourselves — can get something out of this.

The Gnarly Rider doesn’t come with a particular bullet or vibrator — although you can purchase different ones on their website. If you already own a bullet or vibrator that conforms to the diameter specifications, you can use that one. The point of the Gnarly Rider is to be a universal saddle for all kinds of vibration devices, making your experience with it as specific as you need it to be.

In order to commercialize the Gnarly Rider, Sue is trying to raise US$100,000 on Indiegogo. You can pre-order yours for $50 or $60, depending on the color you want. If you donate more money, there are additional perks, including attending the launch pool party (somewhere in Southern California), which should at the very least make for an interesting story. You, too, can be a part of the #FloatingOrgasm.

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