Interview: Julio Muñoz And Flesh4u – The Best Sex-Machine In the World

July 28, 2015
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Interview: Julio Muñoz And Flesh4u - The Best Sex-Machine In the World

A group of enterprising engineers from the northwest Spanish region of Galicia have recently made a name for themselves in the Sex Tech industry with a product called the Flesh4u, a product which they proudly claim to be – and we quote – “the best sex-machine in the world”.

Well, you can’t go around saying things like that and expect us here at BaDoink to simply ignore it. So we got in touch with these “Gallego” sex tech revolutionaries and were lucky enough to speak to the main brain behind the device, Julio Muñoz.

Here’s what he had to say…

BD: As the man leading the creation of the Flesh4u, you are probably best placed to tell us exactly why this is the best sex-machine in the world – which is a pretty big thing to claim…

JM: Flesh4u is the best machine on the market not only for its functionality but also for the materials used in its construction. No machine from our competitors has the characteristics of our machine.

It is the smallest on the market with that much power. It is robust because it employs Titianio, and is light because its case is made with carbon fiber. Besides that, it has the ability to play videos and to synchronize with them… and it can be managed remotely.

The Sex Tech industry is seen as a risky sector for a new tech start-up, so why did you choose to make something like this?

We were looking for something innovative to create a business with, and reading statistics, we saw that the business volumes [generated] by erotic products were enormous. With a group of friend engineers, we consulted about the project and did some brainstorming, and the idea for the Flesh4u, the world’s best sex-machine, came from that. We researched the competition and then we created something that they did not have.

Interview: Julio Muñoz And Flesh4u - The Best Sex-Machine In the World

Exactly how does the Flesh4u work?

Functionality is the most important aspect of the Flesh4u. It is the most versatile machine on the market, which has many possibilities.

Flesh4u customers can connect their Fleshlight to the machine and adjust its speed. Depending on the model, you can choose a wireless controller or a cable controller. The remote has several programs that regulate the speed. The best of our machines have two movements, Linear and Orbital. Both movements can be combined simultaneously.

Flesh4u can also be connected to male or female accessories, and its power allows for both genital and anal sex.

For women we have products compatible with Vac-U-Lock products.

In addition, the appliance has (free) software that allows our customers to enter our store and download videos with the F4U format. With this software, when the user clicks the play button to see the video, the machine is synchronized with the video, replicating the actress or actor in the scene. For example, with fellatio, the machine describes the same movements as the performer’s head in the scene [you’re watching], giving an unrivaled realism.

The last function of Flesh4u is the remote management. Two people with F4Us – or only one between them – can have sex via Skype or any other video platform, controlled remotely by the machine. It is a way of foreplay that is no longer exists only in the future; with Flesh4u have this possibility now.

How is the Flesh4u different from any other machine on the market?

Above all, the number of details that our engineers have thought of. The design wasn’t random; it allows a couple to use the machine in many ways and positions; the weight is lower, which enables transportation and it is suitable for swinger environments because they often travel a lot and want to have access to erotic toys. The case of the Carbon Edition is made of carbon fiber. This material, apart from being thin, is tough, hard and very hygienic because it is easy to clean. The colors are also unique to our machine.

The interior was also a challenge; how to make such a small machine that can move the weight of a Vacu Lock penis and allow us to have anal sex? It has been possible thanks to the mechanisms and materials involved, which are very complex and expensive, but thanks to them the machine can resist up to 7kg of pressure.

Interview: Julio Muñoz And Flesh4u - The Best Sex-Machine In the World

How many prototypes did you make before you got to the final product and how hard was it to design such a device and make sure it did all it promised?

We made 3 different prototypes. The first thing we had to sort out was that it lacked power; in real tests it was not able to be used for anal sex. The electronics also had to change because we added functions that we did not have in our mind at the beginning. The software was also an afterthought and we had to change the requirements to adapt to the computer technicians. It was a crazy development. To produce the current machine we needed two years of continuous work, with mechanical, electronic and software engineers.

Why was it important that the Flesh4u be a product for both men and women? Was that always the idea?

Yes, after an initial analysis of costs we knew that the machine would have a high price, which is why we decided that it was going to be for both genders. That way, a couple would not need to buy a dildo for her and a masturbator for him; with our machine, the device could be enjoyed by men and women. It is also highly recommended for the gay community as [we think] it enables couples to improve their relationships, as we show in our videos. We believe the F4u is not a solitary machine; the good thing is that our device is designed to be used in groups and everyone can enjoy it.

How was the testing process? What was the experience like for those doing the testing?

Without our testers we could not have gotten the machine the way we have it today. Several swinger clubs provided us with volunteers to help us to test the machine; there we could analyze people’s experiences. All kinds of couples attended; they were very friendly and cooperated with our engineers. Thanks to them we solved a number of issues that came up at the beginning.

Do you have plans to make more products for the Sex Tech sector?

Yes, we believe in the potential of this sector, and we will continue evolving and creating new ideas. We are already preparing a new version and a new platform, as well as studying how to connect it with 360-vision headsets like the Oculus Rift.

You can follow Flesh4u on Twitter @flesh4uofficial.

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