Gifting SexTech On Valentines Day

February 13, 2015
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Gifting SexTech On Valentines Day

We’re all friends here so let’s be honest with each other: Valentines Day is a little much.

If it isn’t for the sight of retailers still partying like it’s 2008 and pushing V-Day (textual similarity to V.D. totally coincidental) almost immediately after New Year with a desperate fervor that only that sector can muster, then it’s the angry hilarity of restaurants jacking up their prices and florists suddenly deciding it’s time to put all of their children through college at once. What we mean is: it’s a bit of a rip-off. It’s the pre-Easter commercial boon we all secretly love to hate.

Or is that too miserable an outlook to have? Doth cynicism finally swarm and devour thine heart?

Perhaps then we can divide Valentines Day into two parts: First, the red hearts and chocolates and flowers that has shareholders up and down the country rubbing their hands with glee. Second, the genuine, intimate and exciting version that allows mature and responsible adults (and immature and irresponsible ones too) to indulge their passions and fantasies a little bit.

Valentines Day has become something of a burgeoning market for SexTech. For people eager to get away from the shiny decadence of the Hallmark empire, SexTech is providing new avenues for curious consumers.

Here are some facts:

• 72% of people have sex on Valentines Day
• 84% have incorporated sex toys into their bedroom routine at some point
• 55% of women would want a sex toy for Valentines Day
• 45% of women want to spend their Valentines night in trying something new and kinky.

Those statistics, friends, are what we call a perfect storm. A perfect storm that only the tornado chasers of SexTech are best equipped to go after.

We recently hosted our inaugural #SexTechTalk Twitter chat, in which we discussed this very topic. We asked the friends and fiends that joined us live how they would gift SexTech to a partner and, more importantly, how it could and would be used. We also used the theme to expand into the future, and ruminated on how the Valentine’s Day of the future might turn out. Some of the answers we received were fantastic, here’s a few highlights of the night, but be sure to browse the hashtag and join us on Feb 25 3pm EST for the second edition!




A number of Valentines Day-related deals have begun to spring up already. OhMiBod is offering free shipping on all products with the code VDAYSHIP, while the lovely people at PicoBong have decided to play a little game with their customers and the rest of social media.

Using #ValentinesTales, PicoBong are asking people to send their best, worst or funniest Valentines Day story to their Facebook and Twitter accounts. The three stories deemed the best will be rewarded with a chance to win their fill of PicoBong products.

That’s just for starters. Plenty of companies will be vying for your attention on this most sexy of days. The market favours the buyer, so it’s about time you jumped in.

Remember how we eagerly told you that 2015 will be the Year of SexTech? We showed you a dizzying array of companies and individuals beavering away in their wacky SexTech labs to bring you the best products and aids possible?

Well, we weren’t wrong then and we’re not wrong with this one either: With 2015 being the Year of SexTech, then Valentines Day 2015 is the first and best opportunity so far to put that notion to the test. There has never been a better time to get involved.

And why wouldn’t you? The SexTech market is awash with innovative products that stimulate both body and mind. BaDoink recently spoke with Andrew Quitmeyer of Comingle, whose Mod is open-source, desperate to be manipulated and freeeeeeeee!

“We’ve put a lot of thinking into how the average person can just get the Mod, take it out of the box and plug in and play,” Andrew told us. “At the same time, intermediate to expert users, hackers in particular, can go as deep into it as they want. And if you really want, you can decide to learn programming through the Mod, and set yourself tasks and go from there.”

Gifting SexTech On Valentines Day

Kiiro too are concerned with opening the world of sex and shared and solo pleasure for all. Talking to our own Dan Gutierrez, Kiiroo’s Creative Director Alex Legret spoke of how their technology sets out to do more than satisfy a physical need. It’s also a spiritual itch that needs to be scratched too. SexTech is both aware and advanced enough to create products that satisfy those criteria.

“We are quite literally doing what we think it’s appropriate, regardless of what the competition is doing, because we’re just looking at how the technology really can bring people back together physically, because mobile technology has done the opposite. It has pushed people apart or given them the ability to be apart; so, we focus on two people, bringing them back together, and that’s a personal thing.”

Buying sex toys on Valentines Day has always carried with it a sense of farce; a dirty little joke or secret gone wrong. One can almost picture a nervous looking husband debating whether to go into the brash and tacky sex shop downtown and purchase something he has no prior knowledge or understanding of. Cue him bringing it home to his wife, replete with ‘Wah-wahhhh’ trumpet noise as her face wrinkles into disappointment.

With SexTech at the very forefront of technology, this old-school, dirty postcard approach to sex and consumerism is finally and thankfully disappearing. Now people can browse a seemingly limitless supply of toys, aids and other fun packages together and from the comfort of your own home. It allows you to combine disparate elements from your everyday life into one fun and wholesome package.

So give the gift that keeps on giving, the one that will leave you wondering whether you’re coming or going: SexTech.

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