First Look: Klittrajet – A New Age Of Streaming

July 30, 2015
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First Look: Klittrajet - A New Age Of Streaming

After a long, hard and hot day there tends to be no better remedy than sliding into a bath and letting your skin wrinkle like a prune. It’s perhaps the second best thing you can do alone in the bathroom which involves you moaning loudly and lying prone while letting other forces take care of your needs.

The first? Masturbation, obviously. And isn’t it just oh so lucky that Klittrajet are on the cusp of providing the tools to combine the Gold and Silver award in the Funtime Bathroom Olympics.

Hydro-stimulation of the clitoris – that means ‘using water to get yourself off’, non-scientific fact fans! – is a trick as old as time itself. Rachel P. Maines’ book The Technology Of Orgasm: Hysteria, the Vibrator, and Women’s Sexual Satisfaction is one such tome that delves into the myriad techniques, tricks and even excuses needed for some flick-based fun, including hyrdo-stim. Whether it hark back to Roman bath houses, waterfalls and geysers or the standard shower head, it’s been a method deployed by many a woman – and some men of course – for millennia.

Besides, we tend to view water as a relaxant. Warm bath or shower, a leisurely swim, dipping your toes in a pool with a cocktail in hand; it’s more than natural to want to use it for sexual needs too.

Klittrajet aim to bring this seemingly forgotten – or at least hidden – art back into the limelight. Their name taken from Sweden’s recent declaration of ‘klittra’ as their new official word for female masturbation, Klittrajet have their finger well on the pulse; among other places.

Right now Klittrajet are in the prototype phase, experimenting to get the best water jet action possible. Within the next month they should have a product ready for production and market testing.

“After a little research, I discovered that the highest percentage of time, klittra is done in the privacy of the shower or bath,” Klittrajet’s founder and CEO tells BaDoink.

“There seems to be none or few effective shower products marketed specifically for this purpose. A product such as this would need to be discrete, convenient, and usable for normal bathing for all persons in the household.

“It became clear that a typical, but specialized hand held shower head would fit the bill. It would need a special mode specifically designed to stimulate the clitoris and feature a long hose to allow for sitting in the shower or use in the bath if desired.”

Sounds like a tall order at first, doesn’t it? A SexTech product that doesn’t look like one nor act like one when you don’t want it to. But what makes it so special? What can our prospective Aquamen and Aquawomen come to expect from Klittrajet?

“Instead of starting from a scratch design, to minimize startup production costs, we have selected a 5-mode quality stock hand shower with good weight, grip and feel to the user, combined with a high quality flexible stainless steel hose. This hand held shower head has a normal appearance to blend in with the typical bath fixtures in ones home, but the KlittraJet has one mode that is modified to suit it’s real purpose.”

Some of these five modes include the Flickr Jet and K-Jet; variably powerful and totally stimulating options that will have you forever blowing bubbles. Each offers a different strength of stream, even allowing you to modify the radius and pattern of the gushing water.

For now, Klittrajet’s founder is looking for “any distributors or retailers who are interested in this product and would like to get in on the ground floor” to get Klittrajet out of the package and into the tiled walls of your bathroom. The self-proclaimed “inventor, entrepreneur, 3D CAD engineer, electrician, electronics tech, consumer product designer, well versed in power systems, prototyping, and also an outsource production guru” could well be a good bet. With the Klittrajet initially aiming to retail for $24.99, it’s fair to assume that these could fly off the shelves quicker than you can say “the water’s too hot!”

So come on, just let it flow…

BaDoink will be covering the Klittrajet in more detail upon release. Who knows… one or two of us may even be trying it out!

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