Disckreet: Sexual Security In The Digital Age

June 30, 2015
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Disckreet: Sexual Security In The Digital Age

You don’t have to be Edward Snowden to know that personal information – or the concept of it falling into the wrong hands – is paramount these days. Indeed, not a week goes by where some high-cost data breach doesn’t occur. If it isn’t LastPass having their entire database pissed on, then it’s Adult Friend Finder getting a harder fucking than any of its members could have ever dreamed of.

… and that’s before we even get on to talking about revenge porn. This presents to us the darker side of SexTech; some of us pride ourselves on our openness and willingness to experiment until the Bad Thing happens to us. With the rise, proliferation and line-blurring of technology into our sex lives, there can be heavy prices to pay. Credit cards can be cancelled, bank accounts recompensed and phone lines blacklisted, but if you know a person’s sexual secrets than that can be the skeleton key that unlocks all of their doors.

So what can be done? Is it simply a product of the modern age? Buy the ticket, take the ride, be sexually exploited and blackmailed by some nefarious piece of shit? Ummm… that wasn’t exactly in the Bill Hicks Handbook, was it? And besides, it’s not just webhosts and companies that can take the blame for data leaking out of the seams like custard from a set of bagpipes. We live in the Age Of Sharing. Laugh all you want at those tedious gym selfies and people taking pictures of their rank-looking dinners (seriously, what’s with that though?) but it’s a slippery slope we’re all on, and we’ve all decided to wear roller skates while we navigate it.

But then again, WHY should people restrict their enjoyment – particularly when it comes to sexual activity – because some faceless fuckwit wants to play Big Boy Hacker? Moreover, it’s a pity some people are afraid to express themselves, capture moments and relive certain moments time and again because they fear the revenge factor. What IS the world coming to, huh?

Well step forward Disckreet; the app that promises total encrypted security for you and your partner’s more vivid habits. Disckreet is the safest way to record your intimate moments as a couple. It gives you peace of mind, knowing that your encrypted files can only be accessed when both of you are together.

Sure, you’re probably rolling your eyes and thinking that you’ve heard it all before, but Disckreet comes with a 0% rate of hull breaches.

Disckreet: Sexual Security In The Digital Age

“Disckreet has been available for a year now and we have not had any reports of breaches to the app’s security,” Antony – founder of Disckreet – told BaDoink. “We spent a lot of time ensuring the app was as secure as possible and any time we add new features, security is always the first consideration.”

“The initial seed was planted when I was reading an article discussing celebrity sex tape leaks. The article interviewed female readers asking if they would ever make a sex tape. The majority said they wanted to try it, but were afraid of the consequences if the tape was leaked. I realised that this was a problem I could solve with technology.

“It was only as I delved deeper into the research, that I discovered what a large problem revenge porn is. It made me more determined to release Disckreet, as I wanted to empower people to enjoy themselves while being protected from worst case scenarios.”

The magic behind Disckreet is that to use it, both you and your partner each have your own passcode. Access will not be granted to your files until both passcodes have been entered. There is no more worrying about the files being on the other persons device as they can only be accessed when you are both together to enter your passcodes. Not only that, but should your phone/device be stolen, lost, damaged or just broken you don’t even need to worry about that either. So now the thought of some repair worker sifting through all those saucy shots of the two or more of you needn’t be a worry. Two passcodes, full encryption… what more could you need? Disckreet’s team too come with decades of combined experience in app development and cryptography. This isn’t some dank backroom operation. It’s very much the real deal.

Disckreet even managed to avoid the pitfalls we associate with sex-based apps and start-ups. Disckreet by name and discreet by nature!

“This was a concern of mine when starting the project, but we have not had any issues” says Antony. “I think this is because Disckreet is essentially a privacy app at heart. It is designed for recording intimate moments, but it really could be used to store any sensitive information between two people. It also helps that Disckreet’s brand is discrete, sophisticated, and not too “in your face” for app stores/banking and so on.”

With a year’s worth of downloads, top notch security and no breaches under their belts, the Disckreet team are looking forward to a bright future. Users will now be given a new, wider range of options to create, manage and encrypt their own private content.

“Our new version, which we are currently testing, extends the functionality of couples who want to make and watch a tape together and allows them to access and share content while they are apart. Our customers can still use Disckreet on a single phone, or they can link their two phones to share the content remotely. The app still requires both users to enter their passcodes at the same time to access the secure content, but now this can be done when they are anywhere in the world (for e.g when one of them is on a business trip). We are really excited by this new version, it has been the most popular request from our customers. The latest version of Disckreet will also be available in France. The current version is not, due to strong cryptography compliance the French government requires.”

So what are you waiting for? If you’re that way inclined – to make those special moments memorable and worth returning to again and again – then here’s a take on an old phrase: remember ‘Be Kind, Rewind’? How’s this: ‘Don’t get lifted, keep it encrypted’. Uhhh well… we can work on that later.

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