All the Right Questions About the Vajankle

February 12, 2015
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All the Right Questions About the Vajankle

Did you ever wish a vagina was on ankle level and wanted that foot to be completely detached from a woman so that you could fuck the foot through this ankle-pussy without the woman’s body?

Me neither. But some do! Which is why they created one of the most recent viral sex toys; one that proves foot fetishes are as big as any niche.

The Vajankle has been available for some time at the Sin Boutique, and it’s exactly what it sounds like it would be: A sex toy in which a realistic-looking vagina has been built right at the ankle of a realistic-looking foot. It comes with rigid acrylic nails, and both the nails and the labia color can be custom-made. They sell left feet separately, but you can order the right one along if this type of symmetry is important to you.

It’s not that seeing the Vajankle doesn’t make me have questions about it; of course it does. But I think you need to be a true foot fetishist — and pretty damn specific about what you want — to ask some of the best ones. I’d like to think I know my limitations, so I’ll give you a few of my favorite potential-customer’s questions from the Sinthetics website:

Dan says:

Is it possible to have the vaginal insert on the sole of the foot?

Also can it be ordered in different skin tones?

Sinthetics says:

To have the entry moved we would have to do entirely new sculpts and molds.

Dan says:

How would I go about ordering that? 


Kurt says:

Are the toes strong enough to hold bees?

Sinthetics says:

Bees? The flying insects? The feet are made out of silicone which is strong enough to have sex with/against…


TellMe says:

Is this safe for insertion into body cavities? Thanks!

Sinthetics says:

The silicone is safe to insert. The nails are rigid acrylic so they may not be ideal for penetration. 


Dark Mark says:

Can you make the pussy in between the toes? Asking for a friend

Sinthetics says:

No, there’s not enough space to make that work.


Roger5462 says:

Can I get one with painted toenails?

Sinthetics says:

Yes, you can tell us whatever color you’d like. You can also get plain toenails which you can paint yourself.


Bryce says:

Would you consider putting some teeth inside?

Sinthetics says:

We’re doing a custom insert for the female dolls with teeth, so why not? 


Colin says:

Is it possible to surround the entry with genuine ginger pubic hair?

Sinthetics says:

If by genuine you mean real human hair (not real pubic hair) then yes. We can have hair punched in if you want. It may not be the most practical choice and it will cost extra, but we’re willing to do it.


kay says:

Are you going to make a pankle (penis ankle) for the ladies with foot fetishes?

Sinthetics says:

We may if there’s enough demand for it! 


Rich says:

Hi, are you considering a Vajarmpit at all?

Sinthetics says:

No, this is not something we will consider doing.


Good for you, Sinthetics. You gotta have some boundaries.

To close, it’s only fair to pay tribute to a commenter named Craig, a foot enthusiast that upped the questions level significantly. Now here’s a man that knows what he wants:

FootFetishCraig says:


I love your product. I have been after this for a long time! I even tried making something like this out of a mannequin once. Anyway, I have a few questions for you:

Could you extend the big toe so I could use it as a plug? My ex used to push her toe in just as I was coming and it felt amazing especially if she hadn’t cut her toe nails.

Are the nails hard and scratchy?

Can you open the big toe and the second toe so that I could fit my cock in there?

Is it possible to push the two feet together so that I could wank myself off with both feet arches?

Many thanks.



Ahhh, God bless you, Craig.

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