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It’s no longer a matter of what SexTech CAN be, but of what it IS. It is no longer a pipe dream afforded to one or two pioneering companies. Instead it is a rapidly expanding revolution in human sexuality, taking advantage of the privileges afforded to us by research, experimentation and free thought. It is the design and manipulation of technology led by human intention.
The variety of SexTech is one of the key reasons for its strength and continued growth – it is not simply a matter of pleasures of the flesh, but also of the mind.
Teledildonics, wearable tech, apps, communities, virtual reality, even educational tools: the rise of SexTech is another flag on the hill for the adult industry – proving that in terms of adaptation, inclusivity and tolerance, it is leading the way once more.
SexTech not only provides present day products that display ingenuity, application and a genuine passion for your pleasure, but the future is only bright for those companies and individuals who make it their business to get you off.
The world is already primed for SexTech. Our almost symbiotic relationship with machines allows us the chance to allow them into every part of our lives. Sex, as ever, is the first and last frontier.
So don’t worry about what the future may bring, it’s already get here. Join BaDoink as we bring you the latest news, innovations and interviews from the exciting world of SexTech.


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