Yeah, Penises Come in Many Shapes

November 8, 2013
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It’s no secret that men are obsessed with their penis size – countless articles have been written about it (we here at BaDoink have also put in our two cents’ worth). What has not probably been covered as much is penis shapes – and what they’re good for. Since you’re probably not going to be glancing over at men’s penises, let us do the honors and break it down for you.

Here are the most common shapes and their benefits in the sack:

Pencil Shaped Penis

Characterized by having a fine tip and a uniform body/shaft a la a pencil, these types of penises are great for anal sex. The smaller head allows for easier entry in the beginning – which is probably the hardest part in anal sex.

Curved Penis

Not as uncommon as it might seem, these types of penises curve either to one side or the other. They are great because they help to hit those hard to reach spots in a woman. An upward curved penis can help to stimulate the G-spot. With a left or right curved penis, some angling is required but it too can help stimulate different spots for a woman.

Mushroom Shaped Penis

Just like its name, these penises have a bigger head than shaft. Not the best type of penis for anal sex, but fret not, that just means you need to be gentle and use lotsa lube. Some women also find it pleasurable to give these types of penises blowjobs!

Cone Shaped Penis

A little like the pencil penis, but the difference is that instead of a uniform shaft, this penis has a small head and it gradually widens along the shaft – just like a pyramid or a cone. A great penis shape for penetration – especially anal penetration!

Banana Shaped Penis

Like it’s name, a banana shaped penis has a small head that widens in the middle of the shaft and gets smaller towards the end of the shaft, at the base of the penis – it’s shaped like many anal plugs! So guess what it’s good for? This is a great penis for a blowjob and for penetration!

Claw Shaped Penis

Not very common but they do exist! These penises are shaped a little like crochet hooks! Going down on you might get complicated, but workable.

As you can see, no one penis is better than the other. They all have their uses!

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