What Size Matters… To A Woman

August 8, 2015
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What Size Matters... To A Woman

If you’re worried about the size of your dick, just think; can another person get their hand, their mouth, their pussy or their ass hole around it?

In my personal experience and through word of mouth among friends, the only time you may have a problem is if your cock is too large to be easily handled.

If you’ve got a small pecker, there’s always fingers and tongues and dildos and strap-ons… Both you and your partner can find a whole array of ways to get off. Being a good, attentive, inventive lover will usually satisfy.

If you have an average to large size member, you aren’t off the hook with just your penis alone. You still need to be well versed in foreplay and you still need to exhibit ample and appropriate enthusiasm both for your partner and for the encounter.

If you fall into the extra large or larger category, the ability to penetrate can be compromised. Sure, there’s the mythology around having a gigundo manly man cock and there will always be a receptive audience for the novelty, but in my experience, bigger is not always better.

That tight fit that feels so good tends to feel less than awesome when there’s massive tearing involved. Sucking cock is most pleasurable when you’re jaw is not quivering with fatigue, and hand jobs are tough when you need a third hand to adequately hold on…

I’ve only encountered two situations where I balked at the size of a man’s bulge. Both times, the concern was that it was too big as opposed to too small. On one occasion I went for it. It was a spectacular specimen. The largest and most handsome penis I had ever seen. I eventually gave up on a whole lot of foreplay as I literally had trouble harnessing the sheer girth, and when penetration occurred, holy brick shitting, I felt like I was being drawn and quartered.

What Size Matters... To A Woman

The next time I found myself in the intimate company of such massive indulgence, I actually had to decline entry. Yes, I was impressed and amazed and I was also totally excited and wet with anticipation but in the end, fear of being ripped in half took over and for the first and only time in my life I declined a much desired encounter.

I know there are plenty of people out there who will read this and think I’m nuts. There are plenty who think that the bigger, the better. I also know that there are many men who are horrified and embarrassed by the size of their penis. Worried to the extent that they deny themselves sexual encounters for fear of inadequacy or ridicule. I’m writing this to assure all of those men that there are many ways to please a lover. I’m writing to say, whatever you’ve got going on between your legs, get over it and worry about whether or not you can overcome your hang ups enough to enjoy sensuality and give pleasure during sex. Most people prefer great, mutually satisfying sex over wrangling cock or massaging insecurities.

So yes, size does matter. But it’s easier to compensate toward pleasure with a small penis than with a porn star pelvis. Most importantly though, whatever you’ve got, wear it with pride. Use it with grace. Share it with confidence!

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