Weird Sex News: Sweden, Cartels and Cheerleaders!

March 31, 2015
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Weird Sex News: Sweden, Cartels, Cheerleaders and Tinder!

Sweden has gone ahead and made the first officially recognized inclusion of a gender neutral pronoun a formality after deciding to add the term ‘hen’ to their dictionary. With the words for ‘him’ and ‘her’ in Swedish being ‘han’ and ‘hon’ respectively, the new term will be used to determine objects and people of indeterminate gender, and will also provide a new avenue for people who wish to make their own language patterns as inclusive as possible. Of course, people are free to apply the term to themselves as per their whims.

“It’s quite simple,” Sven-Goran Malmgren, the Swedish dictionary’s editor, told The Independent. “It is a word which is in use and without a doubt fills a function.”

After we told you about the Dubai authorities cracking down on illegal sex parties it seems that our friends in the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and other US law enforcement agencies have been a little naughty too.

According to the BBC a number of agents were involved in drug cartel-hosted sex parties, received drugs, money and weapons and were involved in relationships with subordinates; arrangements usually looked down upon by such agencies.

After the raft of parties and other incidents, allegedly taking place primarily in Colombia, seven officers were suspended for between 2-to-10 days. It looks like crime does pay after all!

Now, you don’t have to be a fan of the Dallas Cowboys, or any football at all, to appreciate the team’s cheerleaders. Voluptuous, beautiful and full of support for the Lone Star boys, the squad once known as ‘America’s Team’ have one of the best and most efficient cheer squads in the NFL. So instead of waiting for the inevitably expensive calendar to come out, why not trawl some of the free shots a number of the girls have thrown up on Instagram? Besides, it’s hard not to love a troop of women who start chants with “GIMME A D… !”

Weird Sex News: Sweden, Cartels, Cheerleaders and Tinder!
“Wanna go out back and toss it around for a while?”

Without wishing to sound too patronizing, it must be difficult for Muslim women to adapt and survive in ‘Western’ nations. Facing a tumultuous mix of fear and resentment in some quarters from those who do not fully understand the conventions and traditions of a religion and culture they have not had much exposure to. Those conventions and traditions work both ways. Some may feel trapped by their faith and what is expected of them and what their future may or may not hold.

So in keeping with the theme of ‘About Time… ‘ we started with the Swedes and their neutral pronouns, some whizz-kids have created not one but TWO social/dating apps aimed at Muslim women. Minder and Salaam Swipe were created to offer more choice to younger Muslim women who may feel frustration at their circumstances.

“Who a young [Muslim] meets is determined by the breath of their network,” Salaam Swipe’s developer told Motherboard. “You have to relinquish your control over who you are and your identity to someone else who is going to take that information and bring it to a third party.”

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