Vegas Sex Worker Talks Business Around The CES

January 9, 2015
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Vegas Sex Worker Talks Business Around The CES

I was introduced to TRUDY VINH by Daejha, an ex porn performer of my acquaintance. Tall and statuesque, Trudy is half German and half ethnic Chinese Vietnamese. A beautiful set of shiny, all-American teeth show off a beautiful mouth like a red garage. She’s pretty irritated that I won’t let her smoke cigarettes in my hotel room. Instead she picks at some convention pamphlets with her long, long bejeweled red and green nails. 

Q: So… You’re a hooker?

A:  I call it ‘working girl.’

Q: Okay, so you’re a working girl who lives and works here in Las Vegas, Nevada, right?

A: Right.

Q: So his is one of your busiest weeks, right?

A: It’s, like, along with the Auto Show, my busiest. Only I like this one better. Much better.

Q: Why’s that?

A: The men are nicer. The women are nicer. A lot of auto dealers and sales guys are true, genuine committed assholes. These people, computer and tech people, they don’t usually want to bargain about prices or act up.

Q: Act up?

A: They try to be nasty and not use rubbers, you know? And some of them want to go from finger-fucking to putting their whole arm in there. I had a woman try to do that at the Auto Show and she was some kind of GM big shot.

Q: That is pretty nasty. Can I ask, what do you charge for your services?

A: I start at a grand an hour for the fundamentals. A suck and a fuck. basic fundamental. Anything more, like if you want me to dress up or you want to dress up, depends on the extra.

Q: For example?

A: For example, um, last night a guy paid me five grand to jack his cock and then poo in his diapy.

Q: Diapy?

A: (Laughing) A diaper. An adult diaper.

Q: So, you’ll do pretty much anything?

A: Well, I won’t let you fuck me up the ass and I won’t let you come in my eyes (Pause) and I won’t let you do that choking shit.

Q: Guys want to spoof in your eye?

A: A LOT of guys. And, straight up, I’ll do it for five grand, but it’s fucking nasty. Men in general are nasty.

Q: How did you get into being a working girl?

A: Well I’m not ‘into’ it, per se, you know. I do it for the money.

Q: I’m sorry. I don’t want to be insensitive.

A: Put it like this. I hated school and I hate the smell of fried chicken and fast food. I had a friend who was dancing at bachelor parties and lesbian lingerie gigs and when she showed me how, I was, like, a natural.

Q: You have a pimp?

A: Don’t need no pimp in Las Vegas. I’ve got a cop friend. He takes care of me. Knows where I am right now, for example.

Q: That sounds better than most working girls I’ve heard of.

A: It’s one of the better aspects of Vegas. Much better than Sacramento where I grew up. There it’s all gangs and old-schoolyard pimps.

Q: Tell me more about your CES customers.

A: Seriously. You kinky?

Q: Sure… yeah.

A: Well, generally, I would definitely say they’re more the meat-and-potatoes-type, but, then again, last year I had a guy who paid me to do him with a strap-on, you know, just like in the movies. Got him really rock-hard, you know? And he came like a fucking volcano… beats the shit out of just sucking dick all night.

Q: Yeah, dicks… cut or uncut?

A: Huh?

Q: Circumcised or turtleneck?

A: Oh (Laughs). Honestly, I really don’t care. It’s just that some guys are retarded about hygiene. I actually like all kinds of dicks. Be hard to do this job if I didn’t.

Q: Daejha says you’re rich and very sharp about money.

A: I own a shitload of property and I bought my mom a house. I’m doing good.

Q: Do you do parties and orgies?

A: You really like to talk about it, huh? You know… the last night of the convention there’s always a huge party for all the big shots. A lot of girls, just like with the Auto show, come in from L.A. and Houston, just for the one night.

Q: I guess I’m kind of fascinated by the idea of orgies, but I don’t think I could get it up with all the help in the world if I was being watched by scores of other people.

A: Well, I’m a born exhibitionist, but I kind of feel like that about shooting pornos. I’m too shy to do in front of strangers.

Q: So, you like orgies by comparison?

A:  Look, the money’s great and there’ll be that Dom Perignon shit, and good boo to smoke… and whatever. I indulge in very little of that shit ‘cos I’ve got to watch out for myself, but I like watching others lose their reserve or whatever you’d call it (Pause). Honest, the worst thing about big fuck parties is all the come you’ve got to swallow. Sometimes I feel like I need a stomach pump.

Maybe something for the tech boys to work on ready for next year’s CES.

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