Turning Up the Heat When It’s Cold Outside

November 27, 2013
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There are many more babies born in June, July and August in America than in any other months. This means that most pregnancies occur in September, October and November. If you’re not trying to make a baby right now, be extra careful, and if you are, hunker down into autumn and give it a go.

feeling hotIt’s getting darker earlier, the weather is getting chilly and our natural rhythms are just beginning to slow down a little bit. These are the days of taking out jackets, light sweaters, slippers and scarves. Maybe you’ve got a fireplace. It’s time to get your wood in order. Fresh fruits and vegetables will brighten grocery store isles for just a little while longer while soups, root vegetables and squash are about to re-emerge. The leaves are changing color and falling to the ground. Squirrels are collecting nuts and birds are flying south… It’s time to get cozy.

For some, autumn is a long exhale; a generous time of reprieve before winter. For others, it is a last gasp before the darkness and chill overtake the earth for a seemingly insurmountable amount of time. Either way, here are some tips for enjoying autumn to its fullest before winter comes and tilts the wheel towards spring.

If you have a partner, start to warm things up between you. Take some time to dress up the bedroom or the living room or the garage or wherever you prefer to copulate. Bring in some extra comfort items; massage oils, candles, a new rug strategically placed… And perhaps include a surprise or two; new toys, videos or whatever you think would be just enough to titillate without going too far… Move slowly as tepid turns to sizzle and see if you can maintain and even amp up the heat throughout wintertime.

Romance is a good way to keep things going. Surprise flowers or notes with sweet or sexy messages go a long way. There is no need to write flowery poetry unless that is in your nature. A simple sentence of appreciation or of what can be expected after work one evening is enough to keep the spark ignited all day long. Send a text to your lover while they’re at work or while they’re cooking dinner in the next room. Talk about what you want to do with or to or for them. This can lead to any number of things, not excluding dessert before dinner!

You will not be the first nor will you be the last to go this route towards sunny days. Just keep in mind, these are the baby-making months. Turn up the heat accordingly.

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