Tips to Get Her to Go Down

November 18, 2015
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Tips to Get Her to Go Down

The first time I decided to try giving a blowjob, I was really young and terribly afraid of touching what looked like angry turkey gizzards. However I found myself a willing participant in trying this fascinating thing that women whom men deem good in the sack do.

I remember telling him not to come in my mouth. I remember telling him that not once but again and again throughout my virgin venture into the realms of oral sex. And of course he came into my mouth. Caught off guard and completely unprepared for the thick, hot load, I swallowed. I swallowed everything, sat there in shock and then ran into the toilet and dry-retched for 20 minutes. I never gave another blowjob till I was 20.

While I do enjoy it now, blowies are hard work. It’s a skillful balance of sucking, licking, breathing, gag reflex control and looking really hot while you do it. Such hard work in fact, that most women require a little motivational nudge in that direction.

Here are some tips to get her to go down:

Keep your shit trimmed, clean and looking mean
If you bitch about ungroomed pussy, then realize that getting a pubic-hair-floss while sucking you off is just not on. Make sure you smell pretty and don’t taste like dick cheese. One bad experience and she’ll never go there again.

Do NOT facefuck a bitch
There is nothing more annoying than a man that upon having mouth to cock contact, grabs you by the hair and tries to face fuck you. Make sure she’s into that first, then gently ease her into the face fucking. Women like to feel respected while we act like dirty sluts.

Eat that pussy out
One good turn deserves another. Eat her out till she starts speaking in tongues and she’ll be all over that dick like an icy-pole in summer.

Taste Delicious
Start looking into your diet and see what you can incorporate or take out to make your load swallow worthy. This will prevent the emotional scarring that might follow should she swallow then regurgitate all over your dick.

Buy her shit
Women like stuff, especially sparkly, shiny expensive stuff that they can wear. Be sure that a pearl necklace draped over a stiff one is Christmas cometh early to any woman. Otherwise, take her and her girls out for cocktails, be your charming self, pay for everything and she’ll be on her knees the moment the front door closes.

I will be accepting thank yous and other expressions of gratitude in the comments section. Have fun boys!

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