The Secret Pleasures of Anal Sex

November 11, 2013
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Thanks to the porn industry and videos such as Asscream Milkshakes and Ass Attack 1 (and 2) most men seem to want to stick it up our bum a lot. Not that all of us are complaining, but some of us do need a little bit of convincing.

Best way to do that is to make sure you do it right and not hurt us. Anal sex can bring about all kinds of pleasure, bringing your sexual experience to a new level, unless you fuck it up. Then it’s off to the hospital to do some very embarrassing explaining to the doctor. Lucky for you it isn’t rocket science. It’s butt sex.

First of all anal etiquette or anetiquette (yes I made that up) dictates you ask first before you stick it up her bum. Always. No excuses. The bum doesn’t secrete natural juices like the vagina does, so it isn’t lubricated and can hurt if you just stick it in her. If you think they do this in porn, then switch off the telly (or get offline) and welcome back to the real world where women aren’t porn stars.


Next, read these awesome tips we’ve compiled for a more pleasurable anal experience.

Always make sure both of you communicate first before embarking on this moon mission. Make sure she’s up for it, relaxed and ready.

There needs to be a lot of this, both on your penis and her ass. Even then it can still hurt sometimes. Check out your penis shape to see if you have the right kind of penis for anal sex, if not, you can still make it work with some patience.

Have lots of it. Stop when she says so. Do not force your way in just cause the tip is in.

Don’t double dip. If you’ve been in her ass don’t go back into her pussy. It can cause all kinds of damage disease-wise. If you’ve got a condom on, make sure you change it before inserting into her pussy.

Now, you can try and ease her into it by going down and giving her some analingus (ass to mouth action). Ease your finger inside and play around a little. Perhaps even introduce some anal toys you both can play with. Remember even anal toys need to be lubricated and if you’re going to use it in her vagina, always use a condom. Again, no double dipping.

Once she’s comfortable with this, you can bring your penis in the picture. Remember to lubricate! There are a couple of positions that help with the actual act of anal sex. Lying down (you on top), doggie style, on the side and her on top. If it’s her first time, her being on top will help her to be in control of the situation since she has to be the one to ease the penis inside her.

After this, it’s patience and lubrication! Once you’re in, anal sex and vaginal stimulation can actually bring about some pretty intense orgasms.

What do you think? Tried it? Never gonna?

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