The Importance of Boundaries During Sex

December 27, 2013
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We’ve all seen movies or heard of stories of sex games gone wrong. Some kinky affair where you strangle your partner a little too hard or too long and suddenly, a passionate affair turns into a nightmare. No one wants to have this happen to them (much less their partner) so as per usual, we’re here to help.

no boozingDon’t be a drunken fool

While it’s always great to have some alcohol to lubricate any situation, being overly intoxicated during any kinky game is a sure fire way to disaster. It’s always important to remain in control especially when it involves games that require tying up, strangulation, cutting, wax, etc.

The same goes for drugs

What you do with your private time is none of our business, but if you have the life of someone else on your hand, try not to be too doped up, especially on drugs that dull your senses. You might not be able to tell if you’re going too far.


Safe words

During role-playing or Dom games many couples also use Safe Words so they know what the limit is during play. So it goes without saying that if you’re using anything to obstruct the mouth of your partner, make sure there is enough room for them to speak out the safe word. Or else they could be trying to tell you to stop but you won’t be able to hear or understand them.

Make sure you can get them out quickly

If you’re tying your partner up, or wrapping, or whatever you do, make sure you can get them out of the get up quickly in case anything goes wrong. Sometimes all it takes it a few extra seconds for something good to go bad.

And most importantly, if you partner calls out the safe word, stop immediately.

We know, we know, we don’t want to take the fun out of your games, but it’s always better to be safe and have boundaries then to have regrets! So have fun my kinky people, but remember my tips and all shall be well in your dirty, naughty world!

What other measures do you take to safeguard your play? Let me know in the comments!

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