The Giantess Fetish Is No Small Thing

August 12, 2014
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When you talk to fetishists, they often apologetically venture that they have a rather unusual fetish. Often it’s not actually that unusual as far as fetishes go. The nature of the beast is such that fetishes aren’t openly discussed, and so the fetishist is unaware of how many people share their particular interest. But there is one interest that even many fetishists would consider unusual – the giantess fetish. This is one that I’ve touched upon in sessions, and from a femdom point of view it’s flippin’ ace.

Giantess revolves around the concept of a normal-sized woman and a tiny man, or a giant woman and a normal-sized man. Like many fetishes, it’s appeared before in popular culture – think of movies such as Attack of the Fifty Foot Woman and TV’s Land of the Giants. And Gulliver didn’t just travel to Lilliput – he also found himself in Brobdingnag, a land of giants. Many fetishes have their roots in a childhood experience, and the giantess may be no exception.

The Giantess Fetish Is No Small Thing

So why is it so appealing to a submissive? It’s taking the idea of submission to its extreme. Not only is he metaphorically in the Domme’s power, but he can imagine his utter helplessness. He can picture himself as her toy. His tiny size makes him completely vulnerable; she could crush him, and would probably laugh as she did so. Submissive men want to give up control, and what better way than by being completely dwarfed by a powerful woman?

It’s also pretty appealing to a dominant woman. The man becomes our plaything, at our complete mercy. We can pick him up, dangle him from a finger and thumb, and threaten to do anything with him. We can lock him up in a tiny cage, threaten to stamp on him, or if he’s very lucky tuck him in between our breasts. If he’s really lucky, he might get wedged between Mistress Julia’s breasts (although he’ll probably never climb out again. You could get lost down there).  It’s enormous fun toying with him.

If you’re wondering how this whole fetish works, call in to see me at Casscams and I’ll show you. Some fetishes are harder to practice on cam, but it’s the perfect medium for ‘giantess,’ as the miniature sub can look up at his monstrous Mistress via a POV shot. Think you’re a big man? I’ll soon cut you down to size …

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