The G-Spot: Myth or Reality?

November 21, 2015
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gspotThe G-spot is that magical spot on the female anatomy which, with careful two-fingered stroking, can make you the giver of full-bodied orgasms.

A lot has been said about the G-spot or the Granfenberg Spot (named after the German Gynecologist Ernest Grafenberg who ‘discovered’ the spot. One wonders what kind of prodding around he was doing to have found it!). Regardless of how much pleasure the G-spot has brought since it’s discovery, it has also left many women and men feeling sexually inadequate and abnormal. Women for not ‘having’ or experiencing their G-spot (and consequently a vaginal orgasm) and men for not being able to ‘find’ the damn thing and rocking the lives of their ladies!

Take a seat as it is now time to lay down the 411 on the whole G-spot conundrum, take it out of the land of “who-the-hell-knows” and lay it smack down in reality so we can start feeling better about ourselves. Nothing says reality better than good ol science; unfortunately when it comes to the G-spot, even science is baffled or, rather, inconclusive as to whether or not it exists!

Take a study done by British scientists at King’s College London; after surveying more than 1,800 British women, they claim that the G-spot may well be the product of our imagination! I’m not sure how they came to this conclusion since 56% of the women in their studies claimed to have a G-Spot. More on the hopeful side of thing, a Private Sexological Centre in Prague, at least diplomatically states that “female sexual responses are very variable in their display.”


Despite the above research there are also others like Dr. Beverly Whipple, who has written books about the existence of the G-spot (The G Spot and Other Discoveries About Human Sexuality, 1982) declaring it a fact rather than fiction.
So it turns out it’s all about context. Science claims that there is no evidence of the actual G-spot – supposedly, a cluster of bean-shaped internal nerve endings located between 3 and 7 cm from the entrance of the vagina. But experience says something else. Properly turned on some women experience different levels of pleasure (or displeasure) from stimulating this spot.

I hate to complicate things more, but it turns out the only reality is that women are complex creatures. Some may feel intense pleasure from stimulating this special ‘area’ (G-spot) and experience vaginal orgasms, ejaculation and magical rainbow-like, world peace-inducing type states, whereas some might orgasm with G-spot stimulation combined with clitoral stimulation (might I suggest a nice vibrator – a game changer for sure), and some might only feel mild pleasure or no pleasure at all from stimulating the G-spot. It all depends on the person. One thing for sure though, a properly turned on woman will have more pleasure having sex (whether she orgasms or not) than one without proper stimulation.

So have a little faith; the verdict is, while science can’t find the actual evidence of the existence of the G-Spot – just like in God, you gotta have a little faith – a little bit of ‘finger up the vag’ stimulation never hurt anyone (unless it does, always check with your partner) and if she orgasms, all the better! Just don’t make it the yardstick to great sex!

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  1. It’s not a myth!!! Exists, true, real!!! I found the g-spot to a friend with whom I have sex from time to time and she had more pleasure than anytime before.

    Now I can find her spot anytime I want and she cries everytime.
    Nevertheless, the truth to be said, I cannot fint the g-spot on the other girls I have sex with, only with one.

    This makes the sex experience with her for me so amazing! But the best!!!… no other man has found her spot, so she claims having sex with me is the best sex she ever had.

    Try, and… if you’r lucky… enjoy and make her enjoy too, or if you are a girl, tell your man to find yours!!!

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