Subs Who Fake Wanting To be Dominated

October 2, 2014
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It’s not all fun being a dominant woman. You have to deal with a lot of irritations, and one of the most annoying facets of Ds is the fake sub. We get a lot of those – men who aren’t submissive at all. Sometimes they’ve gained their ideas from porn. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to act out your porn fantasies, but for a domme it’s extremely irritating when a sub turns up with the kind of fantasies no real domme would deal with. Like a domme sucking cock. Hello? How the hell can that be construed as dominant?

But by far the most irritating is the sub who isn’t really submissive at all. They contact you pretending to be submissive and expressing their fervent wish to serve you however you want. It takes about a micro-second to ascertain that they’re not the least bit interested in pleasing anyone but themselves.

Subs Who Fake Wanting To be Dominated

I suspect that some of them really have issues with strong women. They may try to ‘turn’ you and claim that all women secretly long to be dominated by a man. Frankly I have bigger balls than most of these dudes. They’d turn into scared little rabbits if they came face to face with a dominant woman, but behind the safe haven of a keyboard they can act out their macho illusions. They’re on a road to nowhere, but boy, they keep on trying. The more they try to dominate you, the funnier it is – and the funnier you find it, the more irate they get. It’s hysterical. Eventually they depart with a few empty threats, as you thank them for the amusement they’ve provided.

It’s something of a game seeing just how quickly you can get rid of these so-called subs. There’s always the option of kicking them out of your cam room, or simply ignoring their typed shouts of ‘Hello? HELLO, BITCH? ANSWER ME!’ As if you can hear capitals. Others you can get rid of pretty quickly by calling their bluff. ‘Mistress, I’ll do anything you want!’ vanishes like magic when you tell them to shove a cactus up their ass and dance the Macarena. They’ve clearly redefined ‘anything’ as ‘whatever turns me on, I’m just pretending to want to please you.’

If you want to chance your luck, you can find Kitty De Vine at Kitty DeVine or It’ll be a waste of your time trying to dominate her. But as long as you’re paying, she won’t mind. Just be prepared to hear her laugh out loud. A lot.

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