Study Says Condom Users Better Lovers

March 30, 2014
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While some of us might have issues with the use of condoms in porn, there’s a lot to be said about the benefits of prophylactics in our personal lives. The main upsides (preventing STDs, avoiding unwanted pregnancies) are well documented, and yet millions of people keep having unprotected sex daily. I understand and agree that it feels better, and that sometimes convenience, procrastination and/or drunkenness can alter what would have normally been a safe sex night, but more needs to be done to educate people and actually talk them into leading a more responsible sex life.

Study Says Condom Users Better Lovers

So maybe some people need more incentives. Safety, health and the avoidance of financial and ethical burdens don’t seem to working well enough. Could we perhaps aim for vanity instead?

We can! A national study conducted by Ansell, the manufacturer of SKYN Condoms, reported that condom users seem to be more confident in the bedroom than those having unprotected sex. To quote their findings, “Sexually active individuals who report using condoms every time they have sex are nearly 10 percent more likely to rate their performance as ‘amazing’ in the bedroom than their condom-less counterparts.”

Study Says Condom Users Better Lovers

And sure, perhaps the fact that the company doing the study is a manufacturer who stands to benefit greatly from more people using condoms, may sound a little biased. Still, if you think about it, it makes an awful lot of sense. Generally speaking, people who use condoms tend to be more considerate and attentive to their partners. There is the sense of a responsible person that is protecting himself/herself and others. Not to mention that without the worries of unprotected sex, both partners are likelier to be more mindful, relaxed and free to simply enjoy themselves.

The study also reported that condom use is up in America, albeit not as high as we would hope for. According to Ansell, “Condoms are regularly being incorporated into sexual activities, especially by younger, single or causally dating males and females, with 54% of 18-24 years old incorporating condoms into their sexual routine 20% or more often than any other item.” That’s still a frighteningly low number, but it’s good to know at least things are moving forward.

If anything, youngsters (and not so young people, too) can learn one thing from all this: Consideration can get you very far.

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