Signs That You’re Dating a Clingy Girl

January 13, 2014
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While I’m not someone who likes to lay it down on my ladies, being on the receiving end of someone who is being clingy can be really suffocating, so I’ve gotta speak up. I’m not saying that there aren’t any clingy men out there, but for some reason us girls seem to be stepping up to the plate most of the time.

Clingy ladies can really drain your energy and your time and I wouldn’t want that for any of our readers here at BaDoink. Perhaps you’ve just met someone and the telltale signs are there but you’re too enveloped in new love to notice. Or what started out as cute and endearing when you first started dating has now turned into something that makes you feel like your personal space is constantly being invaded. Here are a couple of ways to spot the signs that you’re dating a needy lady:

clingy girl
Girlfriend or barnacle?

She’s always calling or texting
If you don’t reply immediately she sends you another text wondering if you got her last and god forbid if you’re in a meeting, she’ll probably show up at your office wondering if something has happened to you.

She doesn’t do anything without you
Forget hanging out with her friends. Since she’s with you it seems like she doesn’t have any friends anymore. You are now her plus one on everything.

She’s all over your social media
She is leaving you messages on your Facebook wall, replying to tweets, liking and sharing all your posts, first to comment on anything you post and liking all your instagram photos. You sometimes wonder if she has your updates on Google alert.

She gets illogically jealous
Of people like your sister, friends and even female cousins. She thinks your friends are a bad influence on you and that your sister is taking up a lot of time or that your female cousin might like you in that way.

She gets upset if you do things without her
Like watching a tv show you both like without her, or going to a party. She gets especially upset if you happen to have fun without her, because, how can you have fun without her?

All her time and attention is on you
And she expects the same from you. She has no other hobbies or pursuits. You are it.

Ladies take note, if this is you, recognize, take a breath and pull back your energy. You do not want to be this girl, hon. Men, I understand that this can be overwhelming. If this is not your kind of thing (hey, who knows, some men like the attention. It’s unhealthy, but hey!) then you need to end this ASAP. Because the longer you wait, the deeper the sticky murkiness of it all will get and the harder it will get to unwrap yourself!

Have you been in a clingy relationship? How did you handle it?

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  1. I’ve been in a clingy relationship with a clingy guy – texts every 15 minutes, saying he wants to get married after a month of dating. When the relationship ended, he made a scene by crying underneath my window for half an hour for all my neighbors to see. Not cool!

  2. Hey Jolene, similar thing happened to me time ago! Did you end or it was him?

  3. Can’t stand couples who talk to each other publicly on facebook all the time. I mean seriously….

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