Sex Toy Review: Tenga Flip Hole White

November 19, 2014
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Sex Toy Review: Tenga Flip Hole White

We were really quite excited to receive this, having heard so many good things about the Tenga Flip Hole. As a producer of male sex toys, Tenga is certainly giving other male sex toy producers a run for their money. Tenga’s products are more sophisticated looking; you can even say they’re industrial and sterile looking as opposed to other male sex toy manufacturers, who usually try and shape their products to look as close to a real vagina as possible.

When the Tenga Flip Hole arrived, we wasted a few minutes just figuring out what went where. Lucky for us, it comes with a tiny instruction booklet.

What you get

The package arrives in a clear, see-through cylinder with the Tenga Flip Hole visible from the outside. Along with the Flip Hole, they also include three small vials of lubricant – mild, wild and real. Packaging-wise it looks great, it could even be mistaken for a portable speaker if one wasn’t looking hard. Oh, who am I kidding, there’s no way that anyone would guess that this is a vibrator, unless you open it up. Perhaps even if you open it up.

Sex Toy Review: Tenga Flip Hole White

How it works

The Flip Hole is called that simply because you can flip it open like one of those old mobile phones. Remember them? The device opens up in the middle so you can unfold it to lay flat, which makes it super easy to clean.

The general theory on how to use it is that you put some lube inside the Flip Hole, shut it and then off you go! But the reality of it is slightly different. First of all, putting lube inside the Flip Hole while it’s open (as per their instruction booklet) means the mouth of the Hole is still pretty dry. So the better way to do this is to put some lube on your cock as well as the inside and ‘mouth’ area of the Flip Hole. Basically put it everywhere. Instead of inserting the head of the cock in, we found it easier to open the Flip Hole, lay the cock inside, carefully shut it and then you can start masturbating.

There are three buttons on each side, and supposedly if you press them, it will provide different sensations on your cock. More on that below.

Sex Toy Review: Tenga Flip Hole White

The experience

So first off, let me say that this device has a learning curve for sure. It needs a lot of lube to get going and it shuts by sliding the cap from the other side. However, the fact that it opens up means that you get to control just how you want to masturbate. Sort of like, squeeze when pulling up and letting it open a little when going down. The feeling of the Flip Hole was very vagina-like, with all the different textures and details on the inside giving different sensations. The three buttons are not exclusive of each other; pressing one kinda also presses the other. The middle button is supposed to be for suction, and you can hear the suction sound it makes when you press it. The bottom button is the one with the most feeling, as it’s near the bottom of the device (the bit that opens up) and pressing that button means also clenching the Flip Hole shut. The top button had no effect at all. Pressing that one meant that the bottom part of the Flip Hole opens up, unless you’re masturbating with two hands (?).

Also, with all that lube it makes quite a bit of noise, although if you’re home alone then it doesn’t really matter, unless you don’t want to hear the *fap fap fap* sound! All in all, he found it to have a more pleasurable feeling than just using his hands – but you will need to get used to holding it shut and putting enough lube in to get started. Definitely not for a quick jack off. And not great for travel.

Cleaning up

This is super easy to clean. Just open it up, wash it out, and let it sit to dry. Easy-peasy.


After you get used to the handling, this is a great device to have in your collection. If you want to whip one out quickly, I’d say go for the Tenga Egg, but if not, the Tenga Flip Hole is your toy!

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