Sex Toy Review: JimmyJane Hello Touch

November 26, 2014
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Sex Toy Review: JimmyJane Hello Touch

Just a day before the big day and have I got a toy for you! This baby is subtle and smooth and from the looks of it, a great idea. I’m talking about Jimmyjane’s Hello Touch. A mini vibrator that attaches to your fingers? YES please! Why have all the extra bits when in the end we only use two fingers anyway? Amiright?


What it is

This here is probably the most portable vibrator on the market. I mean yeah there are some tiny vibrators in the market, but two fingers tiny? Yeah, I thought so. Idea-wise, I am super excited for the product. Let’s see how it fares!

Considering that JimmyJane is a company renowned for its well-designed products, I honestly expected more from the Hello Touch packaging. It arrived in a white box; simple, clean, that was cool. But inside, the Hello Touch sat in a glossy plastic white container that made the product look cheap. The grey band that it comes with looked cheap too. The device itself was ok, but looked very delicate, I wasn’t sure how ‘rough’ I could get with it. I sure didn’t want to dislodge one of the wires.

The thing that I didn’t like at all was the instructions. The little booklet nary had a word in it. Just like an IKEA manual, it had confusing pictures that didn’t really tell you how to start the toy. So I sat there pressing every which way trying to start it (well, it only has two buttons, but it just wouldn’t start!). I actually had to go twitter to see if they would tell me (I was told to contact customer service):


Lucky for me, as I sat there watching the latest episode of Brooklyn-nine-nine and mindlessly pressing buttons it just magically started up! So hooray!

How it works

First up, assemble the product. Not difficult, the batteries (they give you AAAA batteries) go into the battery pack and that goes in the device body. Slip that into the cloth bracelet they give you (looks small, but it’s stretchy enough to fit a man’s hand), and slide that on to your wrist. The two finger vibrators take a little twisting to get on you fingers but it’s all cool.

We’re ready to go. Or are we? Getting this baby to work was hard. I don’t know if there was something up with my device or they’re all like this, but I got mine started after a whole lot of pressing hard on the two buttons on the Hello Touch. Press the button closest to your fingers and it starts, and press the one closer to your body and it stops. I can’t tell if you can make the vibrations go faster cuz after starting the device, any other buttons seems to switch it off. So yeah, perhaps it’s only one speed.

Also, who knew they created AAAA batteries?

The Experience

Ok, so I wish that they would let me adjust the vibration speed and allow me to have only one vibrator running (so a choice of one, or both fingers vibrating), because then I would most definitely take this with me on my travels. Oh, who am I kidding? I would still take it with me.

The thing is, while I still think the idea is great, I wish it would vibrate faster. Personally I need a little more vibration power to get off, but, who knows, maybe you don’t? Also, I can’t place both fingers on my clit, so having one vibrating finger is enough. So the ability to choose which finger vibrates (or both) would be great.

I also inserted the device inside me to see if I could get some g-spot stimulation. I personally couldn’t angle it inside well (short fingers?) but my man did, and again, the vibrations fall just a few notches from awesome.

Another thing I noticed was that after a while the tips of your fingers get a little numb from all the vibrating and because the band is kinda tight and cuts off circulation. I didn’t mind that though. Not like my fingers were falling off or anything.


The Hello Touch is waterproof so just run it under some water.


Ok, so yeah, it could use more vibrating power, but I still like the Hello Touch. There are a few improvements I would make (easier on and off, nicer band, different controls for each finger… ahem) but the Hello Touch seems to be one of those toys I could definitely get used to and would also gift my girlfriends!

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